Yellow Brick Road

I have finished piecing the top of my Yellow Brick Road quilt, sans the border. I need to make a trip to a fabric store for material to make the border, as well as pick up batting and material for the back. That is probably going to wait until I am getting a pay check again though. So, in the meantime, I am going to start on another quilt top.

This photo isn’t that great, but here it is anyway. Once I get the quilt finished I will try to post a decent photo.


This is the quilt I am working on now. I am using some fabric that I had originally purchased to make a Hopscotch quilt with, but when I pulled the pattern out to start on it I discovered I didn’t like it as much as I thought I did when I bought it. So I scoured the web for an alternative. Someone on the Quilting Board forum pointed me towards this one and it will be perfect for the fabric I have. I started planning out my fabric pairings tonight, and hope to get started on it in earnest within the next day or so.

Oh, and a couple weeks ago I posted about the nice lady that was sending a box of fabric to me so I could make a quilt for my mom. That box should arrive tomorrow! I am looking forward to seeing what she sent. While I am working on the flower quilt I will start planning out what to do for mom. I have a pattern in mind, and she said she liked it when I showed it to her last week. Once I see the fabric I will be able to make a plan for real; I will post photos when the fabric arrives.

In that post I had also mentioned the “I Spy” swap… the deadline for joining the swap passed on Oct 31, and the charms should be mailed out starting Nov 9. I am looking forward to seeing what is there. There will be another swap next month and I am already thinking about joining it so I can build up a collection of charms for a future quilt. I am thinking it will be a good quilt for Anna to have fun with when she is a little older.