Work, Tomatoes, Stuff

The past couple weeks have been pretty eventful. Our anniversary is May 3 (4 years now) so we both took the day off of work to spend it with each other, and made reservations for dinner at Ruth’s Chris. It was great to take a much needed day off of work, and even better that I got to spend it with Sean.

We spent the day being fairly lazy in the morning, then going shopping. So not only did I get to spend what should have been just another Thursday with my husband, but I got to spend it shopping with my husband. He hates shopping, so it was great that he put up with it for me without complaint.

It was time to get our rings cleaned and inspected at Jared, and it seemed pretty anniversary-appropriate, so that was our first stop. Sean surprised me by getting me a Pandora bracelet and necklace while we were there! I am in love with my bracelet, and keep nagging him for more charms.

The next day (Friday, May 4) I learned of a job opening that peaked my interest. I have really wanted to get back to a start-up environment, and this position seemed perfect. The current phase of the project that I am working on is coming to an end, the next phase due to start May 29. I have been saying that I would stay to see it through until then… so the timing was pretty much perfect as well. I immediately got to work updating my resume.

Then, on Saturday (May 5) we went to CompUSA to get some new speakers (mine died) and some replacements for Sean’s ailing case fans. Sean spotted a liquid cooling thingie and got all excited, but was going to go with the cheaper fans… until I encouraged him to get what he really wanted. Mistake! It failed within 24 hours and took his CPU with it. The CPU I just bought him for Christmas! Needless to say Sean was in a foul mood the rest of the weekend. Although his mood did improve once I gave him permission to order a new (and better) CPU as well as some RAM.

Monday (May 7) I heard that the company was interested in talking to me, and set up a phone screening for the next day. The screening went really well and I was invited out for an interview Thursday morning.

Wednesday (May 8) saw the arrival of Sean’s new CPU, which worked without issue… proving we were correct about his other CPU being fried. In the end he was super happy with his new and improved system. I keep teasing him that it was his plan all along to fry the chip so that he could upgrade.

Thursday (May 9) morning I had my interview. Thursday afternoon they called to say they wanted to make me an offer. This meant that on Friday it was very hard to concentrate at my current job, so I was very grateful it was the last day of testing and all my work was done.

Saturday Mom came up for Mother’s Day. We went for massages, followed by manicures and pedicures. I was totally unimpressed with the nail salon we went to… but she still seemed to have a good day. For dinner we took her to Hayashi for sushi to top the day off.

Sunday Mom & I went shopping. We got her a new iPhone 4S as a joint gift from Tressa & us, then wandered around the mall in a vain attempt to find her a new purse before heading out to the farmers market. While walking into the farmers market I was briefly excited to see a box of canning tomatoes, but they looked terrible.
My disappointment grew from there… there were no strawberries left, the carrot cake lady was already gone, and half the stalls were closed early. On my way out I stopped by the place with the canning tomatoes again and managed to strike a deal. They let me pick and choose and make up my own box of tomatoes… and only charged me $9. First tomatoes of the year! They are green house tomatoes, but that’s okay.

We got home just in time. Sean’s mom was already there, and he was starting to cook dinner. He grilled some great steaks for us and we had a nice dinner with the moms.

Monday (May 14) I got my offer letter and put in my notice. Everything became official, and I struggled to stay focused the rest of the day. Then I made my first batch of salsa when I got home!

Right now everything is good. Let’s hope it stays that way!