Why do I read the internets?

So I have been reading the community forums on BabyCenter.com for many weeks now. It is good to be able to read other people’s experiences so I know I am not the only one feeling miserable and losing my mind at the same time. It is a good source of information from actual people. However, there are also constantly the not-so-happy stories with people finding out things are wrong or losing babies.

It never fails that as soon as I am not worrying about things, I read some post that makes me realize things could go wrong at any minute. For instance, today I read one post where a mother had a perfect ultrasound at 12 weeks (as did I) and then went for an elective gender scan (as did I.) The sonographer told them it was a boy and sent them on their way with no indication anything was wrong. This is because the sonographers can’t diagnose stuff, they must refer it to a doctor… so they sent the scans over to the woman’s OB without letting them know. The woman’s OB called them in for testing and found that their baby had trisomy 18, which is generally fatal.

Ugh, the internet is a dangerous place. And if that story above wasn’t enough, I even stumble on things like that with sites like Huffington Post. Last month they had a story about a woman who carried her baby to term and everything looked wonderful. Just before she was due to give birth, she stopped feeling the baby move and went in for a check up. The baby had died, and there was no explanation. So on Valentine’s Day, of all days, they had to go to the hospital for an induction to give birth to a stillborn. They never knew what caused the baby to die. Really, internet?! There should be a filter in place so I don’t read this stuff.