What’s Cooking

All summer we have pretty much been grilling out every chance the weather allows. And the weather has cooperated most days. Grilling is awesome and we had tons of tasty, healthy meals. However, eventually that put us into a bit of a cooking rut… which lead to us getting bored… which lead to eating out more often… which eventually lead to getting tired of eating out. It is an endless cycle really.

I have been inspired to start cooking again, so I have been looking for new recipes to try out. Maybe I will post a bit about what we are doing for dinner, although that is probably only interesting to me. Maybe I should add a different blog for that. I am excited to try new recipes! I love cooking, and this adds a bit of adventure.

Right now I am heading out to pick up some mini cocotte pots. I want Le Creuset really, but they are crazy expensive. $60 for an 8oz pot?? No thanks. And that is the “sale” price, the suggested price is $80. So I am going with Staub instead; they have a set of 3 that works out to be half the price.

This will also be a good chance to compare Staub with Le Creuset I guess. They seem to be the PC & Mac of the enameled cast iron cooking world. I got a Le Creuset dutch oven last month and it is now my most favorite pot; it doesn’t leave the stovetop. My other most favorite is my All Clad stainless saute & simmer pan. They are for different cooking purposes, so I think I am allowed two favorites.

Well, I am off to the mall before they close! I hope they have what I want in stock.