What it feels like to be pregnant

I saw this article on Huffington Post today that supposedly explains what it feels like to be pregnant. There were parts of it that I wanted to say “exactly!” to.

1. Morning Sickness – article said it is like being hungover all the time… pretty much, only I have only been incredibly hung over a few times in my life. It is like a cross between being hung over and being sick because you haven’t eaten in a long time.

2. First Trimester Fatigue – this one struck me as the most accurate for me, except it didn’t end with the first trimester. Just Monday even, I was feeling pretty good after work. Almost normal. On the drive home I was like, “yeah, let’s go home and actually get some stuff done! maybe even go out to the mall and get some clothes…” but then I got home and not 30 minutes later I was completely exhausted. The article also mentions that just going grocery shopping feels like running a marathon. Exactly!! Last weekend Wendell was like, “You’re tired from shopping? Really?” Poor Sean tries to be understanding, but I know he is just being patient and supportive and doesn’t really get how exhausting simple stuff is. Hell, sometimes I am still surprised by how exhausting things are. I suppose it is a bit better now, but still… if you want to gauge how tired I am at any given moment, just add twelve hours to the amount of time I have been awake and you’ll pretty much have it.

3. What growing breasts feel like – this one didn’t really apply to me. Sure they are sensitive and sometimes achy, but not as bad as the article says. I guess I am lucky in that regard.

4.Relaxing joints – my joints were already kinda bendy before pregnancy, but now I feel like an old person. There are some days I wake up aching. And last night.. I would sleep on one side and wake up with a sore shoulder and hip, roll over, and a little while later wake up in pain on that side. And it will only get worse! It is kind of like the pain you get when you have been lying in bed too long, only it happens fast. And then my hips, which I had trouble with before, are often sore. And there must be some sort of ligaments that are being affected in my lower back, because sometimes when I move something back there twinges painfully.

5. Weight gain – can’t talk much to this one yet, as I still haven’t really gained any weight. I actually lost a couple pounds early on. Although over the past week I have gained almost a pound, so maybe it is the beginning of the expansion. My belly is poking out more though, and clothing is fitting tightly. I am totally in need of some new clothes.

6. Baby kicking – can’t say much about this one yet either, as it is still early for me. As a first timer it will probably be around 20 or 21 weeks before I feel flutters. There have been a couple quick passing bubbly feelings that were gone before I knew it, but it is really hard to say if that was the baby, gas, imagination, or what. So until there is some consistent movement that I can actually say is the baby, I will not count it.

7. Round ligament pain – not sure if I have this or not since it is only around this time that I supposedly should be feeling it… but since early on I sometimes have a sharp pain on the side when sneezing or coughing, and the doc said it was probably the round ligaments.

8 & 9 – contractions and giving birth… guess I will find out later.