What? Another month??

Today I eagerly awaited the start of the WWDC, all day waiting to hear what everyone knew would be announced… the (trumpets) 3G iPhone!

I watched the live report on Engagdet…  impatiently reloading the page every few seconds as I lay on the couch with Jack. I sat through many notes on neat new applications and features and magical clouds until finally, I saw what I was waiting for…

Every little phrase that popped up, every picture, left me more excited. It looks awesome! Every feature that popped up was what I had been waiting for since the first version.  Still I kept hitting the reload button, begging Steve to say it would be released today. I was poised, ready to fly out the door at any moment (well, poised in my mind, I was really on the couch cuddled with the Mac & Jack). But, no, he didn’t say this. Instead, he said July 11?? No! That is more than a month!

So, now I am left to look longingly at specs and photos.. waiting once again. Oh well, maybe it is better this way… paycheck wise anyhow. I refuse to camp out with the other iCrazed people though… hopefully they will have plenty in stock. I kind of think they will, considering they have been sold out of 2G iPhones for weeks now. And it didn’t seem that hard to get them here when they were first released… of course, the first release was much more expensive. I also have a feeling there are already some phones at the store. While waiting impatiently for the announcement I called the Southpoint store and asked if it would be released today. I was told, “I’m not sure, I am still awaiting updates on when it is going to come out” rather than being told they don’t have them yet.