Weekend dog duty

This weekend we are taking care of Lucy and Ivy. Lucy is the Schnauzer next to Jack, and Ivy is the English Bulldog behind the gate. Ivy and Jack don’t get along so well inside the house, but they seem fine when walking next to each other outside. I thought she was just nipping at first, but after I checked Jack out and found a few holes in his skin it was the end of trying to get them to play nice together, since then we have kept them separated. We have decided that if we get another dog, its going to be 24 pounds or less for easy fight management.

Other than that Ivy is a easy dog to take care of.  When I take her out alone she just goes to the closest spot of grass or pine straw and does her business, then refuses to go anywhere else except back inside. She will go to her crate on command, and sleeps all the time. She snores pretty loud – Robyn insists it’s almost as loud as I snore. Even when she isn’t snoring she is always making loud breathing noises. Thanks to her lack of energy it hasn’t been hard to keep her separated, even when we let her out of the crate (which we try to do often) she just picks a spot on the floor and goes back to sleep.

So far this weekend we have had 2 dogs puke, and one dog pee and poop by accident on separate occasions. On top of that last night the storm knocked out power all night, so we had to break out the leftover candles from the wedding for light. In between taking the dogs out or cleaning up after them I’ve been grilling, cooking, and running errands.

Tomorrow we are going down to Sanford to pick up some box donations from my family. Soon it will be time to start trashing everything we don’t want to keep for our next move. I’m hoping to get rid of a lot of old computer parts, toys, and other stuff we have not even opened up since moving last time. Then we get to start packing!