Week 8

I managed to not throw up on the planes, yay! But by the time I got home I was getting sick on an empty stomach, which is somehow even less fun. Luckily Sean was willing to go out and get some food for me, which made me feel much better.

This trying to balance the amount of food thing is rough. Not enough food and I am nauseous and have a good chance of getting sick. Too much food and I feel awful and possibly throw up. Just the right amount of food and I feel better briefly, and then it is back to nauseous and the game begins over again. I am beginning to learn to eat slowly and try to pay attention to the way I feel. While I am eating, I want to just devour the plate like I am accustomed to, but I have to be slow about it because there comes a (very sudden) point when I hit my limit and know I shouldn’t eat another bite. I assume this is because the sphincter muscle that keeps food from coming back up into the esophagus loosens during pregnancy… that is an awesome little fact I never knew before. Which leads to a whole world of fun.

It is now the second day of week 8. Yesterday was my first day back to the office, and I was really glad I had told my bosses I was having morning sickness. I couldn’t get out of the house on time because I felt incredibly nauseous and even threw up the crackers I ate to try to settle my stomach. Then once I finally got myself together enough when I might have been able to make it in time for my 10:00 meeting I discovered I couldn’t find my badge (access card to parking and building). I eventually found it hidden inside a hat in my glove box, but by then I was going to miss my meeting. And then my boss leads a meeting at 11:00 every Monday, by that time I was again feeling pretty sick so I told him I was just going to Skype into the meeting and stay at my desk. Luckily I didn’t get sick at work, but I sure felt like I was going to during that 11:00 meeting. After lunch I felt mostly okay though.

This morning was different and I am learning how unpredictable this thing is. I woke up late (fatigue!) but felt fine for the most part. I continued feeling mostly okay, but knew something was going to come so I told work folks I was going to be working from home this morning and would Skype into that 10:00 meeting. I was okay until about 10:00 when I started feeling nauseous again, then a little after the meeting I got sick. Now I am back to feeling awful, which I am thinking means I should eat something… but food is unappealing. I am going to have to force myself to eat something, then head to the office if I keep it down.

The only other new symptom I have to report is a spell of faintness. Sunday night we were making dinner, I was chopping up the veggies for a stir fry when I suddenly felt faint, sweaty, and nauseous all at once. So I sat down for few minutes until I felt better… then went to the bathroom and threw up. After that I felt better and went back to helping with dinner. That was certainly no fun though!

The first appointment with the actual doctor is this Friday at 9:00. Why on earth did I ever make an appointment for the morning?? Oh right, I made that appointment 3 weeks ago before I knew the wonders of morning sickness. I will just have to carry one of the air sick bags I stole from the plane with me, and ask them to keep a bucket near me at the office!

I am looking forward to seeing the ultrasound, but the rest of the appointment should be about as much fun as any other lady doctor visit. Hopefully the ultrasound will show everything is good and progressing well. I just wish the doctor had a magic 8 ball that could tell me when this morning sickness will end. I sure hope it only lasts through the first trimester. I am still considering asking for medicine to help with it, so that it doesn’t interfere with daily life as much.