Week 38

Two weeks left! Come on Aug 27! But with my luck she will end up being a September baby.

I pretty much gave all the baby update there is in the last post (Aug 9). There won’t be any new news until Friday when I have my next appointment. There will be another cervix check then to see if I am dilated any more. I am looking forward to that just because I want to know how things are progressing, and dreading it because it is so uncomfortable. Of course, that is the least of the uncomfortable things coming my way so I tell myself to shut up and deal.

From now on I will be working from home full time, and I am so glad I am able to do that. The pelvic pain gets worse all the time, and I am now definitely at a slow waddle. I swear that happened over night. It was uncomfortable before, with pain when I was stiff or moved in certain ways. Now it is pretty constant. And I am so out of breath all the time, which is also lame.

Saturday I was pretty sore when I got up, but thought it would ease up as I started to move. It didn’t really let up much though. We had lots of things on the to do list, so I stubbornly pushed myself to go out and get some of them done. It started with just a few things around the house, then we went to drop a package off at the post office (off Westgate) which didn’t take long at all. The post office is next door to Wish Upon a Quilt, so we made a quick stop there as well. From there we went over to Brier Creek and had lunch, after which I seriously thought I was going to throw up but somehow managed not to. Then we headed to Target for a few needed items.

I slowly plodded through Target picking up a few items on the side we entered on, the two things we needed on the other side of the store seemed so far away. I waddled over there though, with Sean patiently walking at quarter-speed for me. If you are familiar with the layout of Brier Creek’s Target… we entered on the Pharmacy end, picked up a few things there in the pet section. Then we walked over to grab some air filters before going to the greeting cards. So we basically made a loop around the store. By the time I made it up to the greeting cards I was feeling pretty wiped out, and suddenly noticed my hands felt tight. The swelling hit out of nowhere, and at first I couldn’t get my wedding band off. I grabbed the cold drink we had from lunch and held it for a few minutes, and luckily between either the ice or the condensation I was just able to wriggle the ring off. So I guess no more rings for me.

After that I really just wanted to go home and lay down, but we needed to get some things from the grocery store… I managed to make it through that, but was so glad we had to go home afterwards. However, trying to carry purchases up the stairs lead to the discovery that walking up stairs while carrying things is now pretty painful. One more thing I can add to my list of simple things that are now ridiculously difficult.

I am so tired of not being able to do things I want/need to do! Saturday evening I should have been at a friend’s birthday party, but instead I was napping. And there were so many more things that needed to be done on my to do list this weekend too, but I was either too tired or too sore to do them. When we were cleaning up last night I had to mostly just sit around and give Sean instructions, although I did manage to help some. I hate it! You would think I would be happy to get out of chores, but I would so much rather just do something than order someone else around… especially Sean, who already does so much stuff to pick up my slack.

I am going to adopt the mantra that it is almost over… Only a couple more weeks now. I will ignore the part where during that time this baby will gain an ounce a day, and by the end I will be dealing with another pound of human living in my belly.