Week 37

Tomorrow makes 37 weeks… counting down the days at this point. At least now when random people ask the due date I can just say “the 27th” which is slightly less annoying that having to say the month and day. I have noticed a strange pattern though. Usually after the “when are you due” question comes the, “is this your first” question. And when we say yes then they get excited and say “congratulations!”. I guess people don’t really care about subsequent kids.

At least I have still managed to avoid strangers running up to feel my belly… hopefully I can continue that trend for a bit longer. Of course then you have to deal with strangers potentially running up to touch your kid with their germy hands. Apparently that is also a thing, and it is why people with little babies cover their strollers/carriers with a blanket when they go out.

I am still telling her she can come early, and now that we are hitting 37 weeks I can start telling her she can come any time now… no need to wait. Of course there is no sign she will actually come early. At the appointment I had Thursday they did some labs, the usual measurements, a cervix check, and a TDAP vaccination that I am kind of irritated about now. Hopefully this isn’t too much TMI, but the cervix check showed I was less than one centimeter dilated, and the doctor could feel the baby’s head. That means that she is head down (which is good) and that I am nowhere near going into labor. My next appointment will be Friday, which I think will just be more labs and measurements. They won’t do another cervix check until 38 or 39 weeks, which I am happy about… it was kind of painful.

As for why I am irritated about the TDAP shot… they didn’t explain to me what it was. The doctor talked about the pertussis vaccination and didn’t say it was a tetanus shot cocktail that contained the pertussis vaccination. I had a tetanus shot a year or two ago, and it most likely was the TDAP cocktail too… but they didn’t even ask when my last tetanus shot was. They just said I should have the vaccination and didn’t really explain what it was. So now I have a pretty sore arm for no good reason.

Not much else to report really, aside from increased pain in my pelvis and back. I don’t know if it is just due to not taking it easy the past few days or if this is going to be the new norm for me. I have been quilting a lot the last few days, and Saturday we spent the day putting up a wall decal in the baby’s room. The wall decal required a lot of bending, stretching, etc. I will post a picture of it below. So we now have the baby room decorations almost complete… just have one more wall space we have to figure out.