Week 36

We have made it to week 36! Anything after this week is considered full term. Of course the internet still gives you plenty of stories to still have fears right up the the end, but we are almost there. Since today is the 29th, we can officially say there is less than a month left. And in a few days it will be August, and then we are really in the homestretch.

Thursday I will go to the doctor for the 36 week checkup, and then I will be on weekly visits. I kind of hope they say it looks like we will be delivering any day, but I know they won’t. There have been no signs of early labor as of yet, no matter how much I want this kid out. I am fully expecting her to come late, but am hoping for the end of next week. I am so over being pregnant.

Everyone keeps asking me if I am still working, and the answer is yes. I plan to work right up to the end so that I can save all my time off for the baby. Although, I did tell the office I plan to work from home the last week or two. I am thinking the last two weeks for sure at this point; I get more uncomfortable and more short of breath every day. That would mean probably August 12 or so would be when I start working from home full time… only a couple weeks away.

I am conflicted about my time off though. On one hand there is no way I want to leave kiddo in day care early on, but being out of work so long is worrisome. Things move/change so fast at my company, and I have things that I “own” and don’t really want to leave in the hands of others. The three months will probably fly by and I will get use to not being in the middle of things at work, but for now I am wishing I could be in two places at once. The most time I have ever taken off was the month we got married and went to Japan… three months feels very long and very short at same time. Of course, once the baby comes it might change to just feeling too short.