Week 33

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of week 33. Hard to believe there are only seven weeks left now, that is a month and a half. I sure hope it goes quickly, I am even more ready to be done with being pregnant than I was last week. I am tired of being tired all the time, things like rolling over are getting more difficult, and I have been feeling extra crappy lately. Plus the belly is now officially starting to get in the way of things. I hit it a couple times while ironing today (luckily not with the hot part), when I wash my hands I have to make sure the counter is dry because the belly usually ends up sitting on it, and it ends up bumping into pretty much anything else that requires me to be close.

Random strangers are starting to talk to me now, but at least none have tried to feel up my belly yet. Today while we were grocery shopping a random lady stopped mid-conversation with her friend to ask me how I was feeling as I walked past her yawning. I told her I was tired and she said I had a right to be. She then asked when I was due and told me I was carrying the baby well, which Sean says must mean I look pregnant and not just fat.

Still nothing much new going on baby-wise. Had another doctor’s appointment Friday, and everything was still measuring right on track. The baby even kicked the doctor when she was checking the heartbeat. The doctor did offer to put me on a stronger acid medicine than the Zantac I have been taking, but I told her I would wait and see if it got any worse. But the past couple days I have ended up with a burning throat so I might be switching meds soon. Maybe that will help with the increased nausea too.

The next appointment is next Friday, which will be the end of week 34; it will be another boring one where they just do lab work and measure my belly. At 36 weeks I will be switched to weekly appointments, still can’t believe how close that is.

The only other baby-related stuff for the week is that we checked out another baby store today. We went to Sweetbottoms, which is in Raleigh (barely) in the Swift Creek shopping center over at Jones Franklin and Tryon road. It is a store that is mostly focused on cloth diapering, which I want to try. I have been reading about it, and it seems worth giving a shot.

So today I got to go baby shopping for the first time in a while. I liked the store, but the clerk was so very slow. She was nice though, and informative. Just really laid back I guess. We already have some gBaby pocket diapers I got when Zulily had a deal on the newborn bundle, as well as a few GroVia newborn diapers we picked up when Smart Momma was closing. So I didn’t really pick up many diapers today, just one of another brand I wanted to try and then the store had a promotion going on where they gave me a free one-size fits all sort. I did however get plenty of other things… a hanging wet bag (for dirty diapers), some cloth wipes, wipe solution, a travel wet bag, a wipe bag, a stroller caddy that I can use to put drinks or whatever in, a diaper pail bag (same as wet bag really, but meant to line a pail), some cloth diaper laundry detergent, a swaddle blanket with a cute owl pattern, a pacifier, and a couple other things I am forgetting.

The store offers a newborn diaper package where they provide the diaper stash you will need for a newborn for $215, after three months you return them to the store for a $100 store credit. Which means three months of diapers end up costing only $115… which is pretty good considering a new baby goes through 10-16 diapers a day the first three months. This is part of what appeals to me about cloth diapering… cost and less garbage. It just means doing more laundry.

Between the 12 newborn gBaby pocket diapers from the bundle, the 4 or so all-in-ones we have acquired, and the disposables we will probably get at the shower I think we will be fine while we decide wether or not cloth is worthwhile. If we decide we like cloth and need more, we can always pick up a few more diapers or take advantage of the newborn package Sweetbottoms offers. They say you should have 24 diapers in your stash, so I guess the direction we go depends on how many disposables we end up with and how much we like the cloth. And of course we have to take the baby into account. Some may not fit her well, or may irritate her skin. Although it seems most babies that have sensitivities to the disposables do fine in cloth… so with cloth it is more a question of what fits her than what causes fewer rashes/reactions/etc.