Week 32

Only 8 weeks left now, give or take. I am still telling her it is perfectly fine with me if she wants to come a couple weeks early. I am just hoping she doesn’t decide to come a couple weeks late… I am already so tired of being pregnant, and I know I am just going to be more and more miserable. It is already becoming increasingly hard to do things, I am not looking forward to finding out how much worse it will be by the end of August. I just want to not feel like crap all the time, not have to work around a belly, not have to pee every 10 minutes, and not have to sleep in a nest of pillows. And I want to wear normal clothes again!

Now that we are coming down to the last couple months, work has been asking me questions about my leave plans. I told my boss I am thinking I will work the last couple weeks from home, go on leave when she is born, and come back three months later. If she comes on time that will mean returning to work at the end of November. The new HR lady (we finally have a real HR person!) is supposed to set up a meeting with me and my boss sometime this week or next week. I don’t know why I am nervous about that. Probably just because I hate being the center of attention, and a meeting with your boss and HR always feels like being called to the principal’s office no matter the reason.

I want to work from home the last couple weeks because I know walking from the parking deck is going to be a pain by then, it is already becoming a pain now actually. Although walking to the deck in the afternoons is somehow worse than walking from it in the mornings. And I seriously do not want to go into labor at work. I know the chances of that cliched movie scene of your water breaking in a huge gush before any other sign of labor is very unlikely to happen, and the whole thing will take a long time (although I am hoping for short and fast!). I am more worried about driving home while having contractions than anything else. I think I start going for weekly appointments at week 36, so I guess I will play it by ear as far as when to start working from home based on what the doctor says at that point. If she says it looks like things might happen early, I will start working for home earlier.

I guess I will have to start thinking about packing a hospital bag soon too! Wow, I’ve really got to start getting ready for reals now. There are still many things to do, and I keep putting them off. I keep thinking that after the baby shower I will fly into “get it done” mode again because I will be feeling the pressure of the deadline more then. We have definitely slacked off in preparations, mostly because we really have done a lot already. I guess it just feels like a lot of the stuff that is left isn’t all that important because it can be done after the birth, like getting closets cleaned and organized. But there are other things that I need to get motivated on… like choosing a baby monitor, figuring out day care, getting our bedroom rearranged to fit the little bassinet we still need to put together, washing blankets and some clothes… things along those lines. Maybe I can get my butt in gear and take care of some of this stuff during our four-day July 4th weekend. Perhaps I can use the extra time to at least get caught up on chores and get our bedroom in order for the bassinet.