Week 31

9 weeks to go! Single digits!

I had an OB appointment Friday and things are still going well. My iron is no longer low, and everything else is measuring as it should be. Next appointment is July 5, which will be 32 weeks. Maybe the two week schedule for appointments will help make the time pass faster. At this point there aren’t really any major milestones to look forward to, just constant growth from this point on. The only things left to accomplish is the 36 week mark, anything after that is considered full term. And then of course delivery.

I guess I can look at the baby shower as a milestone… After that I get to organize stuff, and get things ready… really ready. Not just putting furniture together, but getting baby clothes washed and put away, closets organized, setting up diaper changing supplies, and all that. And we will know better what we still need to get for the baby, so there will be more shopping to do. I was shocked at how much stuff we ended up registering for. There are so many little things we will need. I am not trying to buy everything we will ever need or anything, I just want to make sure we got the stuff we are guaranteed to need in the first week or so covered… like burp cloths, diapers, wipes, and such. We can always go shopping with kiddo to get anything we find out we are missing after she is born.