Week 29

In one more week I will be able to say “thirty” when I talk about weeks. I can’t believe there are only 11 weeks left, maybe even less, hopefully not more. That feeling that time is running out is definitely becoming stronger, I think by next week I might be in a mild panic/nesting mode. When I think “August 27” it seems like there is lots of time left, but whenever I think “11 weeks” I feel the deadline pressing in.

I am also now officially on the every-two-weeks schedule at the OB’s office. Not sure if I already posted about this or not. Pregnancy brain… I can’t remember anything these days. I passed my glucose test last week, and everything else looked good except my iron levels were slightly low. Maybe that is one factor of why I feel so tired all the time, other than the creating life thing. My next appointment will be Friday after next (so 31 weeks), but I am not sure what is on the agenda for that one. Probably more belly measurements and peeing in a cup.

Kiddo has been getting stronger and stronger with her kicks lately, probably because her bones are hardening and she is starting to run out of space. I often see my belly moving, which is kinda strange. And last night while I was trying sleep on my left side, I felt an uncomfortable movement and realized it felt like my belly was being stretched upward toward the ceiling. I felt my belly and sure enough there was a hard lump pushing outward… must have been her butt because it felt larger than a head. So she had managed to wedge herself mostly sideways, but it wasn’t too long before she was squirming away in another direction. That is the first time I was able to actually feel her from the outside like that, it was cool and strange at the same time.

I also picked up a new hobby, guess we will see if I stick with it. I have been thinking about learning to sew for a while now, and finally decided to do it. The push came when I needed yet another pair of pants hemmed last week, and didn’t have time to take them to a tailor. Then this weekend I picked up a couple patterns and some fabric to learn how to actually craft things. I decided to start with a baby quilt and pillow set, since it will probably be easier than trying to make clothing.

It requires both appliqué and sewing. One pillow is rectangular with a hedgehog, and the other is owl shaped. I have decided to start with the rectangular pillow, since it should be the easiest of the three items. Plus it will let me practice for the quilt, which has two squares with the same hedgehog layout. So far it is coming together well, I just hope my ADD brain can stick with it until it is done.

In the process of picking up supplies for it, I found a great little shop nearby: Bernina World of Sewing. The lady that helped us was super friendly and knowledgable. She helped with a few fabric color choices, helped me figure out my cloth sizes (the pattern is kind of dumb), and gave some advice. This pattern required me to find 14 or so different fabrics, and she was very patient and helpful with all of the cutting and estimating of sizes. She also gave me a very nice cutting mat that she had brought to the store; she had replaced her personal mat with a new one and brought the old one to give to someone she thought could use it. And since this was my first project she decided I was worthy of it.

Once I get a little further with the pillow I will try to remember to post a picture. Right now I just have the appliqué fused to the main fabric for the front of the pillow, it still requires stitching and a little embroidery for the hedgehog’s eyes and mouth. I also still need to go find one more fabric to finish off a flower that is on the hedgehog’s “hair.”

I am glad I started with the pillow, as I have learned a few things through small mistakes. Like, always put the ruler on the inside of what you are cutting with a rotary blade… make sure you flip the webbing (used to fuse appliqué) on the correct side when tracing patterns so your stuff is in the right direction… and also that my hedgehog’s body fabric is too light and shows the background, so I might need to go find a different fabric for the hedgehogs on the quilt. I am sure I will learn many more lessons as I progress.