Week 27

This is the last week of the second trimester! Only 13 weeks left! Well, 13 weeks if she chooses to arrive on her due date. I wouldn’t be upset if she chose to come a week or two early… they are considered full term after 36 weeks.

Yesterday we went for an ultrasound at the 4D place. It was cool to see her again, this time you really could see her features. I will have to post a picture when I get home. She has her legs straight with her feet in her face, I guess that explains why the majority of the kicks/movement I feel is in the lower left. I will have to ask the OB about her position when I go next week, I wonder if/when she will bend her legs to get in the typical fetal position.

The next couple weeks are busy ones. Mom was here all weekend, she just left this morning. Tonight we have a car seat safety class, tomorrow I have a potluck at work and yoga after work. Then Saturday we have a vet appointment for the dogs and are then supposed to go to Selma to hang out with Sean’s mom and her boyfriend. Then next week I have my glucose test on Wednesday, which will have me at the doctor’s office for a couple hours in the middle of my work day. Then Thursday & Friday the company is taking us on a retreat to celebrate a milestone.

I am hoping I don’t fail the one hour glucose test. If you fail it, then you have to do a three hour version. And of course failing the three hour version means you have issues. I have checked my blood sugar a few times, and it has been good… except when I don’t eat like I should. Friday I didn’t eat enough and was all shaky, so I took it just to see if my blood sugar was low. It was 68, 70 is considered low. So I learned my lesson that I really need to eat on schedule.

Right now I am really wishing I could lay down and take a nap! I don’t know how I will make it through to the car seat class tonight.