Week 25

The third trimester is right around the corner! Three more weeks. It simultaneously feels a long way off, and really close. I think it just feels a long way off because it has been that elusive home stretch through the entire pregnancy. I am definitely ready to be done with being pregnant. Although, people say the third trimester was invented to make you want to give birth… so I shouldn’t be saying that yet. Why can’t the human gestation period be only 28 weeks? This 40 week thing is lame. Hopefully I am not jinxing anything by saying that. The thought of her being born so early is scary.

She has been kicking even more lately, and stronger. I am amazed something so tiny (probably 1.25 pounds now) can be so strong. The kicks are strong enough they move my stomach sometimes now, which is totally weird. I can be resting a book or tablet on my belly and she will kick hard enough that it moves. She also seems to be taking after me (night person) because the last week she has been most active right when I am trying to go to sleep. I swear she is doing somersaults in there sometimes.

I have been feeling a little yucky lately, although I still haven’t actually gotten sick in a while. I think it is just acid getting worse, or maybe from here on out it will just be up and down. And of course I am tired all the time, and achy. But overall everything is good. I had an appointment Friday, but it was a simple one where they basically just took my blood pressure, measured my belly, and checked her heartbeat. Everything was right where it should be.

The next appointment is going to be lame though. It is the glucose test that you take at the beginning of the third trimester, and not sure what else they do then. From what I know they basically bring you in and give you a sugary thing to drink, and then they draw blood an hour later to see how you process sugar. So you end up sitting there forever. The lab tech told me to expect 1.5 hours, the doctor said 2 hours. I wish I had thought to see if they had wifi in the office.

That about wraps up the weekly update, nothing really new baby-wise. She just keeps getting bigger and stronger. The only other thing worth mentioning is that I start a weekly prenatal yoga class at Rex tonight at 6 (or 6:15?). That should be interesting. I am normally eating at that time, or getting ready to. And I am tired. So I have to try and adjust my food schedule to accommodate it without getting sick. I hope that I am not miserable through the whole thing. Interestingly, they told me to bring a pillow (for my back) and a small blanket. I have no clue why we need a blanket, I am curious to find out.