Week 24

Only 16 weeks left now. Calendar-wise that is less than four months. For some reason “four months” sounds a lot longer than “three months” to me, so I am impatient to get through May. The third trimester will begin May 27! My current goal is making it to that date. (as stated in an earlier post, short-term goals make this thing seem to go faster than just concentrating on the due date)

As predicted a couple posts ago, this is definitely a lull. There are no exciting developments or milestones to talk about. I have an OB appointment Friday, but it won’t be a fun one because there is no ultrasound. I don’t think we get another ultrasound for a couple months, unless we decide to go back to the 4D place.

As for the mommy report… Up until the last 4-5 days or so I had been feeling mostly fine, but then the nausea increased and I feel like I have gone backward several weeks. Hopefully that will get better again, I dislike this nausea thing and would really like to be done with it for good. On top of the increased nausea I am hurting more around the belly where the ligaments are stretching, and my lower back and hips as well. I know it is going to get worse and worse as I get closer to the third trimester, so I am trying to keep it in perspective and think of this as “not that bad” for now.

The belly keeps growing, and I am now officially getting some stretch marks. I have tried a few “belly butters” to try and keep them from getting too bad, but they have all been thick and greasy feeling. I picked up some new stuff yesterday while maternity shopping though, and I am impressed with how quickly it absorbs and I don’t feel gross after using it. That is probably the most exciting thing that has happened lately lol!

And, no, my belly button has not popped out. Yet. It is definitely stretched though, and looking kind of winky. If I push on my belly it isn’t hard to make it pop out though, so I won’t be surprised if it does pop. I am really hoping to avoid that though! I don’t want to be an outie.

I now have a closet full of pregger clothes, as I am definitely beyond the ability to wear regular stuff. I hate it! Not because of the “oh I am so fat” thing as you might think, I am trying to embrace the fact that I am expected to have a belly right now… even though I still think I just look fat sometimes, especially when I am sitting.

The reasons I hate maternity clothes are that there is a definite lack of selection, and they all have swooping necklines. Not to mention a good number of the shirts are made of thin, crappy material and/or require hand washing. It seems that if I want a t-shirt with a neckline that doesn’t show cleavage or bra straps, I have to go for one with a “funny” saying on it. I don’t want to wear that kind of stuff either! And, then there are all the cute things I see in the non-maternity sections and really want to wear, but can’t.