Week 23

And another week down. Not much to report really, same old same old at this point. Well, at least for the past few weeks. The nursery is about the same too, we’ve only added a few small stuffed owl rattles to the mix.

I guess we should get around to registering sometime soon, but I am not really sure where we should register. Buy Buy Baby? Babies R Us? Target? I dunno. Maybe we should pick Target and one of the others, since Target is usually convenient while the other two are a trek for pretty much everyone. And then we have to actually get around to the registering. Registering sucks because everything you register for is basically asking people to spend money on you. Maybe since we get to look at baby stuff this will be less painful than the wedding registry. And we have already bought all of the “big” stuff, because we didn’t want people spending a ton of money on us.