Week 22

One more week down.. 18 more to go. It is nice to be on the other side of 20 weeks. And Sean finally got to feel a few kicks! The kicks are getting a little stronger every week, I hope he will soon be able to feel them more strongly… right now he can barely feel the strongest kicks.

I have been feeling about the same for the past couple weeks. Easily tired, sometimes nauseous, and occasionally getting sick. Much better than a month ago, but still not great. As long as I keep eating like I should I am mostly okay, but there are some days that I just get too busy and don’t think about food… then things go poorly and it takes a day or two to fully recover. Of course, by fully recover I just mean getting back to what is now my normal state.

We have also made some more progress in baby purchases. The little boutique shop on Glenwood announced they were going out of business, so we decided to take advantage of their sale. We got a lot of stuff 25% off, and a few things at 50%. But it was ridiculously busy. I first stopped by on my way to work thinking I would just check out what they had left and if there were any deals to be had, and planning to possibly pick up a couple items. I was not prepared for the mass of people that were there! The parking lot was packed to the point that people were parking on the street, but luckily someone was leaving and I got their spot. But as soon as I opened the door I was met by a line of people waiting to check out, as well as several trying to get past them to exit the store. I stood aside and held the door for several grateful looking people, including one poor lady that was fighting to get her double stroller past the line of people without losing all of the bags she had balanced on it, while dragging a kid behind her with the other hand. She looked like she might have hugged me for holding the door for her if she had any more hands.

Once I was able to actually get in the door I was amazed at the number of people in the store. There was actually a solid line of people waiting to check out around the entire perimeter of the store, and many more making their way around the store. And of course a good number of them were chasing kids, wearing babies, or maneuvering strollers. I didn’t even want to think about how long it would probably take to make it through the line, but I still wandered around to see what they had. One of the things that I had specifically gone to look for was nearly sold out… the Peanut changing pad, which I haven’t seen anywhere else locally. They had two brown (yuck), one blue, and one ‘lilac’ left. I didn’t think Sean would go for the blue, so I grabbed the lilac one (which is more pink really) and stuck it up front with the pile of things that had ‘sold’ tags, hoping the staff would be too busy to move it before I could come back. I also found a metal diaper pail and grabbed the single boxed one left in the color I wanted. The metal pail was a nice find, as I know the plastic ones begin to smell horrible after a while.

On the way home from work Sean met me there, and I was shocked to find the things I had stashed were still there. Thankfully the store was much much less busy as well. We found a lot of good stuff, and the receipt claims we saved nearly $300. We got a crib mattress, lamp, changing pad, diaper pail, a couple cute stuffed owls, a crib bedding set, a couple toys to strap to the kid in the stroller, soft owl bookends, a moses basket, a swaddle wrap, and some diaper pads & liners for the gDiapers we got earlier from Zulily.

So the room is nearly there! I still have a few things left to clear out of the closet, but I was too tired after getting all the other stuff set up. I think I have plenty of time left anyway. And we still need to find a few more things like baskets and decor.