Week 19

Tomorrow is the start of week 19! The weeks are going by so fast that I think I am beginning to lose track. The other day I told someone a week less than I should have, and had to correct myself. This is an exciting milestone because it means next Monday will mark the half-way point… which I guess is the real milestone, but it is an exciting one.

I hate trying to figure out how many months the weeks translate to. It really makes no sense. Pregnancy is 40 weeks, but everyone says 9 months. Considering months vary in length, it is pretty hard to convert the week to months. According to my pregnancy journal though, this is the fifth month. And I guess I do look about 5 months pregnant at this point! I had to buy maternity jeans because mine were no longer comfortable, and soon I will probably have to break down and get some shirts too. I just haven’t seen any shirts that I like so far.

The current exciting baby news is that I am starting to feel it move. At first I wasn’t sure, but now it is frequent enough that I am sure I am feeling those “flutters” everyone talks about. They are really light, and go and come quickly. Sometimes it feels like bubbles, other times it almost feels like that tickly tingle you would get from a low electrical current.

Driving to work the other day though, I felt more than a flutter. I swear the kid must have gotten turned so that her feet were pointing forward, and then used the front wall of my uterus to turn herself around by kicking it with her little feet. Those were the first real kicks, and I am sure more will be coming when I least expect it. And then at some point I will probably be like “Come on kid, take a nap already.” Sean is really excited about this development, and can’t wait until he can feel the kicks too. That will probably be a few more weeks though.

And the baby room! Aside from decor, we have also gotten the nursery mostly finished. The painting is done, the furniture is assembled, and our backs are killing us. Now we just need to get a glider rocker, a crib mattress, find some cute decor, and dispose of a mountain of cardboard. I am pretty sure we are going to go with a cute owl theme, but I will see what we find. The owls are definitely my favorite option so far though.