We choose house #20

I knew it would not be very long after we got back from the honeymoon before we would start looking for our first house. We really wanted to get a house years ago but decided to wait until we were married.

Ever watch the TV show “House Hunters”? It’s a real estate show that follows home buyers and their agents around, with a constant commentary about their price range, preferences, etc… The show will only cover three houses (but we are convinced nobody just looks at three houses) and at the end before the last commercial break they recap and ask, “Which house will the couple choose?” For the past two weekends Robyn and I have been joking and filling in with our own commentary. We choose house #20.

When you mention to family and friends that you’re looking for a house, there’re always ready with helpful advice. I’d like to think we’ve tried to keep the advice in mind while we were house hunting. This was our second weekend of looking at houses. After the 9th house, we found a place that both Robyn and I are in love with. It’s well under what we are qualified for, but has all the features we wanted except for a ping pong room. We are trying not to get too excited in case it does not come together. If it does fall though I’m certain there are more houses out there we would like just as much.

It’s a detached single family home off of Duraleigh Road, a little bit bigger than our current apartment. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 & 1/2 baths, 2 car garage, large deck, and beautiful fenced in back yard. The kitchen has all the upgrades we would have installed if we went with new construction, and the deck just rocks. It will be perfect for grilling out and entertaining.

We talked to our apartment office and they will let us transfer the lease to Wendell, who will have to pick his own apartment. Well, it’s time to get started on some paperwork.


6/16/08 Update:
8:30 There is another bid for the property. Joy…

9:30 We increased our bid, waiting to hear back. Doesn’t sound good. We’re sad.

11:30 Will they ever call us back?? We want to know!

12:30 Yup, we lost it. Oh well.

6/23/08 Update:

I should have added this in sooner… a few days ago they came back and said we got the house after all because of a conflict with the closing date the other buyers wanted. So, we are now under contract! We close August 15.