Vacation! Woo!

Today was the first day of vacation for me. Yay! Too bad Sean is working this week, but at least it should give me some time to work on sewing stuff. I plan on spending all my time hanging out with my little family, sewing, shopping, and doing all the usual holiday stuff.

At the moment my embroidery machine is stitching away, quilting what will become the Under the Veranda tote bag bonus project. I have so much Christmas stuff to make that I should leave this until after the holidays, but I want to use the leftover batting in some of the Christmas presents. Of course I can’t post about the Christmas presents yet, but they aren’t that exciting anyway.

My first day of vacation started out with an email letting me know I had won an internet give away for ten fat eighths of fabric, which was pretty cool. No clue what I will do with them, especially since that cut (9×22″) is a little difficult to use. Always good to add to the stash though! Then it was a morning of mommy-daughter time since the nanny/grandma had a doctors appointment. Once I was relieved of baby duty I wandered around the internets for a while looking at quilting designs before taking a little nap, and awoke to another nice email telling me I sold my first item on Etsy; someone bought “Be Still” for their daughter’s room. Not that I made any money from it, but at least it helps cover material costs. After that I ran out to do a little shopping. Not a bad day! Tomorrow will be much the same I think. Spend the morning with Anna until mom gets here, probably spend some more time with her after that, then sewing, ship a package, and shopping. That about sums it up!

Now for the Anna report. Not much has changed since my last post really, she is just trying more and more to talk. Still no real words, although I think she is starting to get that the “hey” she has been saying for months actually means something. That, or it is just because she says it all the time and we are reading too much into it when it actually aligns with an appropriate situation. For instance, Anna has been waving for a while now, but just in the past week or so it has really clicked that it means something. She has started waving at random people when we go out and saying “Hey” while she waves. At home when we see the cat or one of the dogs we will say “Hey, kitty cat” or “Hey, Eddie” while waving at them. She seems to be trying to imitate the “Eddie” and “kitty cat,” sometimes it almost really sounds like “Hey, cat” or “Hey, tit-tat” or “Hey, eh-ty.” In the past week she has also started picking things up to her ear like a phone and saying, “hey”… which she must get from watching her grandmothers because Sean and I rarely talk on the phone.

The most recent word that she seems to be trying to say though is “sit” since we are constantly telling her to sit down when she tries to stand on things she shouldn’t. Although it really sounds more like “shit” which is pretty hilarious when she is repeating over and over what sounds like “oh shit.” We of course have to be careful not to reinforce the “shit” by laughing, but it is really hard when you hear this little cherub voice saying it.