Thought I would take a moment to write some updates on previous topics, and let you know how things are going. There really isn’t much new going on. For a little over a week now I have been pretty sick, but I am feeling better now for the most part. If you care for the whole tale of my illness I will give it after the short updates.

Garden –
Our container garden seems to be going mostly well, and our roses are also in bloom. The one exception to the “going well” would be our bok choy. I knew we had it too close when planting it, but thought we could always move it later on. For a while it was thriving, but was bunched pretty tightly. Well, the caterpillars got to it before we could move it. They have pretty much destroyed all but two plants, and those are riddled with holes. I hope I feel up to pulling them out of the planter tomorrow. We will try to save the last two, but I don’t hold much hope. Everything else seems to be going well for now though! And I am excited to see how well the roses we planted last year are doing. The Joseph’s coat is full of flowers, and the knockouts are starting to catch up. I am also surprised at how large the plants around our front walk have gotten. Next weekend I will have plenty of work to do I think!

iPad –
It is still a fun gadget, although I am still not happy with it as an e-reader. At least, not completely happy. It is great for reading in the dark. That part I really like. And it is an e-reader, that is good. But… I am still unhappy with the iBook app’s lack of color options and there will be no iPhone companion for it until this summer. The iBook Store also has a somewhat limited selection. The Kindle app is nice, and I love that it syncs with the iPhone app. However, Kindle book pricing isn’t as good as Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately, B&N still hasn’t released their iPad app. And the iPhone app doesn’t sync with Nook, so I am not sure that the iPad app will either. Syncing between the iPad and iPhone is a necessity in my opinion. I really hope the recently updated Nook firmware has this feature hidden in it somewhere. But my main problem? I can’t read in the sun. Or, at least not easily. There is too much reflection, and the screen gets washed out. Plus, while trying to read in the car on a sunny day the darned thing over heated. Who ever expects to see a temperature warning on an iPad?? So reading in the car is pretty much out. Plus it is so reflective the driver could be distracted/annoyed/blinded by it. This is irritating! I like reading on the deck and I want to be able to read on car trips. And did I mention it is a bit heavy? This leaves me tempted to buy a Nook, but it has that whole inability to sync issue… which means I might have to get a Kindle.

Illness –

The saga of my illness started last Thursday, April 15. Throughout the day I had a cough that got a bit worse as the day went on, and by dinner I felt a sore throat coming on. By that night I had a full fledged sore throat. Having been around someone with strep, and having an unhappy history with bacterial throat infections (but not in years!), I decided I should probably visit the doctor before the weekend. I stayed home from work and went to the doctor, not knowing how sick I would get before it was all over.

Friday the doctor said the culture was negative for strep, but we needed to wait three days to see if it grew any bacteria. At that point my only problem was the sore throat, a cough, and the beginnings of nasal congestion. The doctor said it was probably viral, and I happily tried to believe him… although I knew it wasn’t.

By Monday the sore throat was much worse, as well as the congestion and coughing, and my voice was mostly gone. My ears also felt funny. I felt miserable, or at least I thought I did. The real misery was still a couple days off. The doctor called to say bacteria had grown, and called in a prescription for me. I took that and by the next day (Tues) my throat was already better. Although while my throat improved, my ears had progressed from funny to painful and my eyes were puffy and red. Sean told me I looked like a zombie. I made an appointment for the next morning.

At that appointment it was confirmed the infection had spread to both eyes and ears. The doctor opted for “all night bender” rather than zombie. So basically everything above my shoulders was infected at that point. I got even more drugs and was sent home to suffer. I e-mailed the bosses to say there was no way I was coming back to work before Monday.

The eye drops worked wonders and the next day (Thurs) I went from zombie to bloodshot, by Friday they were mostly clear. At that point my throat was only sore from the coughing, but my right ear was still (and is still) pretty painful. The left ear also hurts, but is overshadowed by the pain in the other.

After 9 days I am still sick, but definitely better than I was a few days ago. My voice is still hoarse, but at least I can talk without pain. My appetite is a bit better, and my eyes look pretty normal. I am also still pretty low on energy, but that is getting better too. Now, if only I can get rid of this cough and the bum ear!

Today I even ventured out of the house. It was a short outing to drop Sean’s car for an oil change, put gas in mine, eat a lunch of 5 chic-fil-a nuggets, then grab a few things at Target. The Target part was pretty tiring even though we weren’t there long, and I was hit by a coughing fit so bad my eyes were streaming and I had to go outside. Now I am back home, fighting the urge to nap. I need to get back on some sort of schedule before work on Monday.