It is amazing how quickly things change when you are prego. Last week I felt fine for the most part, just tired. Day 1 of week 6 was the same, but day 2 I was fairly nauseous by the afternoon… probably because we were stuck at the car dealership most of the day and all I had to eat was a granola bar for lunch, which was only preceded by a handful of triscuits and cheese cubes for breakfast. Day 3 I woke up feeling fine, but by the time I got in the car to drive to work I was feeling nauseous again. And I was more tired than I had been to that point. After lunch I was fine until around 6pm when I was hungry again, and then the nausea stuck once more… although a handful of triscuits solved the nausea until I could get dinner.

Today I was again fine when I woke up, aside from being even more tired. After getting ready for the day I had a wave of feeling perfectly normal, but that didn’t last too long and I was soon hit by another wave of weariness and nausea. Snacking seems to help the nausea, but it is lingering a little today.

I am glad I haven’t actually been throwing up yet, and I sure hope it stays that way. I don’t look forward to the very real possibility of having to bolt from a meeting and hope I make it to the restroom in time to throw up in the toilet. At least next week I will be working remotely from a hotel room. That means that if this nausea worsens to the point of actually vomiting I will at least be very close to a bathroom and not have to worry about the questioning looks from co-workers, who still don’t know I am pregnant.

The Friday after I get back I will have my first ultrasound. I will see how things go with the morning sickness… if it is to the point of actual vomiting I will go ahead and tell them, otherwise I am not sure if I want to just tell them after the first ultrasound or if I want to wait until the second trimester. Sean is eager to post the news to the world on Facebook, so I might give in if the ultrasound reveals everything is healthy and normal. And once that happens, people at work would probably find out soon enough… so I guess I will have to tell them pretty soon.