Tis The Season to Dress Fancy

Last night was my company holiday party. Yes, I actually went. When I worked for Mo the holiday parties were always formal affairs where they would rent out a place like Solas and do the whole formal dance meets night club thing for all 300+ employees and their guests. Not my scene. And luckily no one really cared much if you bowed out of those, so until last night I had always avoided the company parties.

My new company had a much more appealing plan of renting out half of the Italian restaurant in Bright Leaf Square for our 40ish employees and their +1, and hiring some company to do a “Casino Night” where we all got $10k in chips (fake of course) to “gamble” with. They called this a semi-formal affair and gave the instructions of “no jeans, but no tuxes either” … which is rather vague. Plus I guess no one realizes that tuxes are actually semi-formal wear, but whatever. I will refrain from a Sheldon Cooper-esque rant.

Since there was no dancing or need to wear an evening gown I decided to go. It turned out to be an enjoyable evening. We went with the intention of having dinner and socializing briefly, but ended up staying all night. They had poker, craps, roulette, and blackjack. I just played blackjack, and actually managed to come in third place, winning some movie theater gift cards. Sean seemed to have fun as well, and got to see several of his old work buddies.

What to wear to the thing was of course a little stressful given the vague requirements, but I managed to pull together an outfit that worked. I found this awesome shirt and black cardigan at White House Black Market to go with a pair of black dress pants I already owned. I love it when I manage to pull off comfy and dressy. I just hope I have as much luck for the next dressy holiday party.

The next party will be harder to pull off because there is a theme and I have to find specific colors – yellow and black. Yellow seems to be the least popular color for clothing in winter. Maybe I will be lucky and find a shirt that works with what I wore to the work party… that would be super handy. I did order one online that was on clearance from last season, but not sure it will a) fit, b) look good, or c) get here in time. So, for now, the search for Plan B continues. Wonder if I could pull off a yellow scarf. Ugh, dressing fancy is such a pain. If only we could just wear pajamas all the time. I guess it is nice to get dressed up sometimes though.