The Past 4 Weeks

I can’t believe it has already been 4 weeks. Or at least it will have been four weeks 12 hours from now. In that time I know I have pretty much dropped off the face of the internet. It seems when I am not sleeping, feeding a baby, changing a baby, cleaning a baby, trying to get a baby to sleep, or doing things around the house, I am taking the opportunity to steal a few moments to do things for me. And those “for me” moments have been pretty rare. Of course, that is just part of being a mother to a new baby.

The first week home was filled with visitors and me trying to take it easy and avoid going up and down stairs too much. Thankfully Sean was off work, and my mother was here a few days, which meant I had help and was able to take it easy and focus mostly on resting and taking care of the baby and baby related things.

The second week Sean worked from home, so I still had some help with the baby. It was very good to have someone around to do things for me while I was still figuring stuff out (still am really, probably always will be) and taking it easy. The baby was also still sleeping most of the time at that point, which meant baby care was mostly and endless cycle of feeding and diaper changes. And laundry. This kid sure can make her share of laundry between spitting up on things (or projectile vomiting) and diaper failures (and surprises during diaper changes). Plus we have been using cloth wipes, which are surprisingly awesome. So it seems every 2 days we are doing laundry for her.

The third week I was alone for the first time. That week also happened to be the Quilt Carolina shop hop tour that I had been looking forward to, even though I knew I might not really be able to participate since the baby would pose a challenge. Sean knew it would be hard for me to do the quilt tour, so he worked from home Wednesday to give me a chance to go to some shops. Yeah, he is awesome like that. I still didn’t have a full day of running around to shops of course… first I had to make up for lost sleep, then there was feeding and the usual diaper cycle. I eventually tore myself away from the house though and made it to a couple shops. Later in the week I got brave and ventured out to a nearby shop on my own with the baby. I fed her before leaving the house, and of course as soon as we got to the shop she started looking hungry again. One of the ladies that stopped to admire her cuteness even noted that she was saying she was hungry (by mouthing her hands) so I knew my time was limited. But then she fell asleep. And I gambled on a trip to the neighborhood Target as well to pick up some needed things (like more diapers and tooth paste). I just barely managed to get out of Target without a screaming baby, but we did it. Thanks to the wonders of a pacifier I was able to keep her from melting down until I got through the check out line and made it home.

The fourth week has pretty much been like the third. I was home alone with the baby, and thanks to Sean working from home today (we had a pediatrician appointment) I was able to sneak out in the afternoon to check out a quilt shop in Chapel Hill, and even managed to swing by Babies R Us on the way back to town to pick up a swing for kiddo. Of course, the rest of the week I didn’t really start my day until noon or so thanks to Miss Fussypants keeping me up all night. She started this thing where she doesn’t want to sleep until about 3 or 4am lately. Hopefully she will soon figure out she should be sleeping during that time so that I can get some sleep too, rather than playing catch up by sleeping half the day.

Anna has been doing well though. She has shifted to eating about every two hours, which can be a pain… but she is growing so it is all good. The doctor gave her his stamp of approval today, since she has finally reached the point where she is gaining about an ounce per day. It was good to get a weight (8lbs 6oz) on her today, as we have both been saying she felt heavier. And I knew she had to be growing because she can no longer fit in the Gerber brand newborn onesies, which are for 5-8lb babies. She is pretty lean, so we can actually still get them on her, but they are too short. She is now in the 0-3 month size for Gerber, but can still fit in some of the bigger/longer newborn stuff from other brands.

Okay, that is enough for now… maybe tomorrow I will find time to proof read this… and maybe do another post about my quilt tour… maybe