Thanksgiving, We’re Getting Ready

I can’t believe it is almost November already. Thanksgiving is trying to sneak up on us again, but we are trying to keep on top of it this year. We are starting to form plans!

Last night Sean ordered a turkey from a local farm. Sean is excited about getting a bird from Ray Farm, which we visited a couple years ago. The turkeys are damned expensive in my opinion, but I am willing to try it. Who knows, maybe free range turkeys that have only been dead/frozen for three days before we get it will be tastier than our usual Fresh Market bird.

Sean also wants to smoke a turkey. He has been talking about this for the past couple years now. Since the farm raised bird will probably be small, we are going to buy a small bird from Fresh Market as well so that he can try his hand at smoking a turkey. So there should definitely be plenty of meat!

Every year I try to balance good food and stress levels by ordering what I can pre-made, and then letting guests bring dishes as well. I normally just order a few things like stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes from Fresh Market. This year I have decided to also order some stuff from La Farm Bakery. Last year Sean spotted their Turkey [shaped] Bread and really wanted it, but we didn’t get around to ordering it in time. This year I have given him a list of things to order from La Farm so we don’t miss out… yeasted rolls, turkey bread, and a couple desserts.

Right now the Thanksgiving meal plan is:

– Roasted turkey (Ray Farms)
– Smoked turkey (Fresh Market)
– cranberry sauce (both home made and canned)
– stuffing (probably home made)
– gravy (made by Fresh Market)

– bread/rolls (La Farm Bakery)
– Pumpkin tart (La Farm Bakery)
– Pecan tart (La Farm Bakery)
– home made lemon pie

Haven’t made it so far as to think about sides yet. I am sure potatoes and/or sweet potatoes will be involved, but at this point I am waiting to see what others will be bringing. I will have to explore some recipes as well, see if I can find some easily made (yet tasty and healthy) sides.