Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Boo Boos

We had an excellent Thanksgiving this year, and I had a bountiful Black Friday. Poor Sean had to work part of the week, but I was fortunate enough to be able to take the whole week off. I got to spend time with Anna and even found time to sew, although I felt guilty about sewing when I could have been spending more time with kiddo. The time off has passed far too quickly, and I am already looking forward to the time I am taking off at the end of the year.

As usual, I tried to keep the holiday as stress free as possible. Even more so now that we were also juggling a toddler. In years past I would stress about prepping, cooking, hosting, and all else that comes with having the entire (albeit small) family over for a huge meal. The past few years though, I have worked at making it less and less stressful by ordering ready made (but tasty after a little doctoring by Wendell) mashed potatoes from Fresh Market and cooking anything that I could ahead of time. So the past few years have been fairly low stress, but I was still busy for a couple of days ahead of time making desserts and cranberry sauce and cleaning and whatnot. I would typically be up late the night before finishing things up, and then on Thanksgiving I would be cooking all day and doing last-minute cleaning.

This year I decided we were making a turkey and that was about it aside from some Fresh Market-made additions of mashed potatoes, gravy, and pie; everyone else brought sides and a couple more desserts. Mom also helped with taking stress out of it by helping us clean up, which is harder to do than it sounds when you are trying to keep up with a toddler. I also made the conscious decision to not care that the house wasn’t spotless. In the end, everything turned out great and we had some good eats. Anna loved the feast as well, especially the cranberry sauce. Although she did not seem quite as fond of leftovers, because about the only thing she wanted to eat after that was the leftover sweet potatoes and cranberries. Pretty much anything else we gave her ended up on the floor.

On Black Friday, I had some tasty leftovers for lunch and then went shopping for the third time ever. One of my favorite quilt shops, Wish Upon a Quilt, once again had an awesome “buy one, get one 70% off” sale. If they do that every year, it is definitely going to be my new tradition. And the best part is that they paired up like-priced items, rather than just discounting the cheapest items. I was looking forward to it all month. Last year I bought material for a quilt for my mother (which I finally started working on this past week, and haven’t posted yet), but this year I went shopping without any project in mind aside from one small Christmas present. So I browsed around for a while and ended up buying 6 charm packs, 8 mini charm packs, 2 jelly rolls, 4 chicklets, two simple patterns, templates for a paper pieced star block, and a few other little odds and ends. Score! (translation, each pack has 42 of: charm pack = 5″ squares; mini charm = 2.5″ squares; jelly roll = 2.5″x44″ strips, and the chicklet = four 9″x22″ cuts) I do have a bag pattern that uses one charm pack, so at least one is ear marked for a project. I have no idea what I will do with the rest yet, but I loved the fabrics and wanted them in my stash.

It hasn’t all been fun though. Poor Anna had her first doctor-worthy boo boo, and it was all my fault. Despite better judgment, I turned on the gas logs to knock the chill out of the room. I swear they were on for 3 minutes tops before she ran over and touched the glass in the one second I wasn’t watching. Needless to say, she cried for a long time and we were both very sad. That was Saturday (before T-Day) afternoon, and by evening she had a huge blister stretching across the palm of her hand beneath the fingers and a few smaller blisters on the fingers as well. So, Sunday we went to the doctor. So glad White Oak Pediatrics has weekend hours! We got some prescription antibiotic ointment meant for burns and instructions to bandage her hand with gauze to protect the blister. The estimate for bandaging the blister was a week, but luckily it had gone down completely by Wednesday night and she was bandageless on Thanksgiving day.

Anna did surprisingly well with the whole thing. After the initial pain of the injury, you wouldn’t have known anything was wrong. She was extra good with the doctor, and even held her hand perfectly still for the doctor to bandage it with her fingers straight up. When I had to bandage her hand later she wasn’t always as cooperative, but as long as we had a good distraction for her other hand it went pretty smoothly. There was minimal fussing with the bandage as well. While she did partially unravel it once, I think the only other times I had to replace it were just because it became dirty after a meal. I was pretty shocked we managed to keep her blister intact until it went down on its own, I have never even been able to do that with my own burns!

Now it is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Anna had her 15 month shots scheduled for today, so it was good that we could get a followup on her hand and the ear infection from not-quite three weeks ago. Plus, she had a red spot on her back that had started as a bump a few days ago and was looking suspiciously like ring worm today. Poor kid! The doctor said her burn was healing nicely, her ears were clear, and the spot on her back probably was ring worm. Sigh. That means in less than three weeks this kid has been to the doctor three times, only once being routine and even that had ring worm tacked on to it.

That is about it for the past couple weeks! I will leave you with this old photo of Sean, at around 11 months old, and a blurry one of Anna enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.