Yesterday I made an appointment with the 4D ultrasound place for Sunday at 5pm for gender identification. That will be one day short of 15 weeks, although last ultrasound I think the baby was measuring a few days behind what it should have been… so fingers crossed! They say they can find out starting at 15 weeks, so I am a little worried it may be too early. Although they let you come back for no charge until they can find out if Sunday doesn’t work out. The tech I talked to said she had “been doing this for 13 years” and that it should be okay. Maybe in a few days we will finally be able to say he or she!

They told me to eat about 30 minutes or so before I go to wake the baby up. I don’t know why I find that a little amusing. But it makes me think of the last ultrasound when the little guy was punching and kicking and squirming around. Sean imitated it later saying the baby was doing kung fu stances because the lady was poking it too much with the ultrasound wand.

So I am really looking forward to Sunday evening, and hoping I don’t feel awful when it is time to go. If we didn’t go to this independent place, it would be at least another month before we could find out because the next doctor-scheduled ultrasound will probably be at 20 weeks (almost 6 weeks from now). We are so impatient! I will be telling this kid all day it better cooperate. I want to know as soon as possible so we can pick out paint and start actually doing stuff. Maybe it is nesting, or maybe it is just my usual desire to hurry up and get things done.