Stripes!! – Robyn

As you probably know, I got a Clubman two weeks ago. Immediately I started agonizing over what stripes I should choose. I hadn’t even owned the car half a day when I was posting on the club forum about it, which is how I got in touch with a couple members of the club that do stripes.

After a week of surfing the net for ideas, looking at tons of photos, and chatting about stripe options I finally made a decision about what I wanted to do. And that was double stripes with pin stripes on either side. Of course then Sean made me doubt myself and I almost dropped the pin stripes, but I stuck with them in the end and I am so glad that I did. I also wasn’t going to do roof stripes in the beginning, but at the last minute stumbled across a photo of a blue Clubman like mine with the blue stripes on the roof and it looked much better than I had imagined… so with Sean’s encouragement I went for it.

This past week, waiting for word on the vinyl and install date was hard. I spent most of it daydreaming about what it would look like, with sporadic moments of fear that it would turn out horribly. Then, Thursday, I finally got confirmation that we could do the stripes Saturday (today!) and then of course time slowed to a standstill the rest of the week in anticipation.

This morning was the day! We dropped the dogs off with Sean’s mother and headed to Winston-Salem, where the two club members I mentioned live. It was not hard at all to spot the house… it was the one with six MINIs outside! I think they had done a run out to some vineyard this morning, scouting possible club activities, and then just hung out a little while we were doing the stripes. So it was sort of a tiny club meet!

We started out by doing Sean’s car since it would be easy. I had suggested he have the boot striped to match the bonnet while we were doing my car, and he agreed. I think he is happy with how it turned out, it looks nice with the extra stripe! His car only took like 30 minutes, and then it was on to my car… which took about four hours. Originally we had planned to leave and do some motoring while my stripes were being installed, but then we ended up enjoying the install and just hung out while they worked on it.

The end results is great! There are a few bubbles that I will have to keep an eye on and work out over the next few days, but that is to be expected. I can’t wait to see it on a sunny day! So far I have only been able to see it in garage lighting and at dusk/night. Plus it was cloudy and cold today. Once the weather cooperates I will take some more photos, but for now I will post a few of what I have in an album on the photos tab.