As mentioned in my previous post, last weekend I made strawberry syrup, strawberry butter, and bread & butter pickles. I should be stocked up on enough pickles to last for quite a while now, although once we hit cucumber season proper I promised Sean we would make dill pickles, so I guess I still have some pickling ahead of me. At least we shouldn’t be making anymore sweet pickles though… what a sticky mess! You would think the syrup would be the sticky one, but no.

The strawberry syrup & butter has a pretty low yield, only about 3 pints of butter and 2 pints of syrup from four pounds of berries. So I obviously had to make it again this weekend! I will probably never use all the syrup, but the butter is just so good I have to stock up. And I need enough to give people as gifts too of course.

This morning the berries looked so good at the farmers market that I bought two flats worth. I still have some of the first flat left after making a batch of syrup and butter, so I will probably be making at least two strawberry recipes tomorrow as well. I just ran out of time today.

This might be my last weekend of strawberries unless I come up with some other must-try recipe. I just need to get a good stock of strawberry butter while I can, but we are both pretty strawberried-out.

But then, we also planted strawberries this week. I know it is pretty late for planting strawberries, but the planter was only $2 and the plants were on clearance for $1 each. We also planted tomatoes, cilantro, basil, and oregano. With luck we will be able to actually succeed in growing something edible. And with a lot of luck and good fortune we might even produce enough to actually can some stuff we grew ourselves.