Still no button

I still can’t find that damned heart-shaped button to finish the baby quilt. I have looked just about everywhere I can think of locally, and scoured a few sites on the net too. I will have to put more time into an internet search I guess, because that is probably about the only way I am going to find one at this point. The are colorful plastic hearts galore, and miniature wooden hearts, but no 1-inch wooden hearts so far. Argh! So close to being done… one stupid, elusive button is all that stands in the way.

But I do have a new project to keep me busy in the meantime. While I was looking for a button at Wish Upon a Quilt, I picked up a pattern for a lattice lap quilt and some fabric (and I feel like I am cheating on the nice folks at Bernina). This one is labeled as intermediate, so I guess we will see how I do. I am not sure I would have chosen this one if I had read the instructions first though, it is a lot of cutting. Like, a LOT. As in 238 rectangles of the colored fabric, 270 squares of the black background fabric, 31 squares of the colored fabric… and I am worried about failing to make good cuts and having everything off-kilter instead of looking like a nice straight weave.

For the colors I picked up a jelly roll (40 precut 2 1/2″ by 44″ strips sold in a roll) which helped reduce the cutting somewhat. The problem with buying a roll like that is that you can’t really see the fabrics until you get it home and unroll it. When I opened the roll I got it wasn’t really what I was expecting, but I am going to use it anyway and see how it turns out. I already made all the cuts with the roll, but screwed up a couple times so I need to go pick out a similar fabric to make a few more rectangles. And by a couple times I mean I ended up with 230 instead of 238… but I guess that isn’t too bad given my lack of experience.

I will wait to get that fabric until I am done piecing together as much as I can with what I have though. I am working my way through the 270 little squares right now, and have no idea how many I actually have or how many I will end up with since I have messed up some cuts with that as well. So, I figure I will just cut as many as I can out of the black fabric, put as much together as I can, and then see what I am lacking.

I have no idea what I want to do about the quilting of it… should I just stitch along the straight lines? Take it to a free arm quilter that can make pretty swirls? I don’t know. I guess I will wait until I get it together and see if any ideas come to mind. I just hope that a) the colors work out and b) that it comes out looking straight and c) I don’t screw it up.