Spring is here!

I am once again going to try to be better about blogging. And yes I know I have said that before. We have been really slack about it for the last year or so.

So… here goes.

Spring is here! This year we have decided to try growing vegetables in containers. The above picture is our first onion sprouting. Containers seemed the easier way to go. Our yard is full of rocks and we don’t really have a good space to make a real garden. Maybe one day once we are more practiced at growing veggies we will try planting a garden for real, but it most likely won’t be at this house.

An added bonus of the containers is that there is less chance of pests and disease. Pests of course include our dogs. We did plant some asparagus in the flower bed today, as well as a couple extra strawberry plants, but I really think Eddie is just going to see them as tasty noms just for him; I swear that dog is vegetarian. That is, if Jack doesn’t dig them up before they grow. Our dogs aren’t really diggers, but something about freshly turned soil must be irresistible to dogs.

So far we have planted rosemary, chives, strawberries, onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic, and bok choy. I think that is enough to start out, but I am tempted to try out some bell peppers and shishito peppers too. I also got a few flower seeds while we were at it, mainly to give the hummingbirds some more options.
Well, that is pretty much all we have been up to lately. Just spending a lot of time enjoying the weather while we plant things and grill out. Not much exciting going on really.

Oh, yeah, Sean got a new car since we blogged last. I will let him post about that though. And we went to a Ben Folds show the other night, and will go to Experience Hendrix tomorrow. Maybe I can blog about that soon :) And my cousin gave birth a couple days ago, so next weekend will probably include a trip down to Greenville to meet the baby. This is little Audrey Gray Horne.