Sorry there are still no pictures

Sorry the pictures still aren’t up. I have only added in a few for very early posts. Okay, maybe just one. I have been sick this past week, and haven’t felt much like dealing with it. Not really sure what kinda of sick I am… it is the annoying kind where you can’t say “I have a cold” or “I have strep” but you could really only respond that “I feel like crap. My throat hurts. I occasionally feel slightly nauseous, have a headache that comes and goes, along with an intermittent cough. And I feel tired.” My ears kinda hurt too… maybe it is an ear infection.

I even called in sick on Tuesday, which I don’t do very often. If had managed to sleep the night before I probably would have sucked it up and came in… I dislike calling in sick, especially when I have worked at the company less than two months. I did suck it up and come in Wednesday, which was a lame day full of meetings. I must have looked as miserable as I felt because after one long meeting my manager asked if I was okay.

There really isn’t much to report… same old same old around here.