So Very Tired

I am tired of being exhausted all the time. And I am tired of not wanting to eat anything, and tired of feeling like poop. I must hold on to hope that this phase will only last a few more weeks, even though it is highly possible it will last until August. Trying not to think about that possibility though. Just a few more weeks… yes, just a few more weeks.

Sean has been great lately. All I want to do is sleep, and he is helping pick up some of my slack. He has gone shopping by himself, cooked, cleaned, and even did a load of laundry. I feel like a horrible wife, but I just don’t have the energy for anything. Even now all I can think about is when I can go home and lay down.

I am not sure if the fatigue is making me more or less irritated with the saga I have been dealing with on trying to get new glasses. I am definitely irritated, but too tired to care most of the time.

Let me see if I can relate the saga without going on a rant.

Dec 29 – I go to Eye Care Associates and pick out, and pay for, glasses and sunglasses, it is the end of the year and therefore crazy busy
Jan 4 – I leave for California
Jan 5 – I realize I have a voice mail from ECA, they say I need to call about my order because the color of frame I wanted was not available, they want me to call and pick another color
Jan 9? – I finally remember to call them during EST business hours; The lady doesn’t seem interested in telling me my color choices over the phone, so I tell her I will come in when I am back in town, I also find out they can’t get the sunglasses I wanted in my prescription either
Jan 12 – I get back home around midnight, this is a Saturday – they are closed on Sundays and I am too sick to go during the week because I don’t have Zofran yet
Jan 19 – I go in, pick a different color for my glasses and find a new frame they say will work for sunglasses; then they try to charge me for the sunglasses again and I have to explain that I paid for both pair when I ordered them (duh! do they ever let you order without paying?)
Jan 21 – I get a voice mail while in a meeting saying that since I had *never called them back* they went ahead and ordered the lenses for me; I had to call back twice trying to get the person for an explanation; finally a different person calls me back that afternoon. The conversation goes something like this,

ECA: “You’re regular glasses are ready to be picked up”
Me: “What type of coating did I order for those? I asked when I came in Saturday, but didn’t get an answer”
ECA: “Just the anti-reflective”
Me: “Oh, I was going to upgrade to the premium coating, but oh well”
ECA: “Would you like me to put that in?”
Me: “What would the price difference be?”
ECA: “For your inconvenience we will waive the cost, because, well… ”

And then she went on to explain that even though ECA was “90% certain” that the sunglasses would work with my prescription, Oakley didn’t think they could do it. She said they could use their own brand of lenses though, and it would work… so they are going to do that. She also offered to let me pick up the regular glasses and then just swap the lenses when the new ones came in, but I didn’t want to deal with that.

So hopefully one day I will get my new glasses, and my sunglasses. And it should be interesting to see what happens with the billing. I will be glad when I finally get my sunglasses though, I haven’t been able to wear any since June when I started wearing my glasses full time due to dry eyes. And now that I am pregnant they are even more dry, which means contacts are pretty much out for me indefinitely.