Anna has officially been walking for three weeks now. Before that she took a few steps here and there, but on July 7 she took her first “real” steps. Over the past few weeks she has gotten steadier on her feet, but still plops on her butt pretty often and does better on carpet than on hard floors.

Just in the past few days Anna has started walking more often than crawling, but will still drop down and crawl when it suits her better. I even saw her stand up to walk from a sitting position the other day, where before she would have crawled if she was already on the floor. Luckily she is still pretty slow at this point, so she is easy to keep up with. It won’t be long before she takes off running though.

Over the weekend she even walked around a little in a couple stores when she got tired of being held. That lead to us taking her for her first real shoes yesterday. She won’t be walking on pavement anytime soon, she falls too much for that… but if she is on grass or in a store, I feel better with her feet covered. So, yesterday we stopped at Stride Rite. The selection was pretty slim, but I found one pair I liked and one that I didn’t hate. While she has had some soft shoes before, these are her first real shoes.

Anna was pretty good while we measured her feet, and then shoved her feet into shoes. I wonder if they make baby shoe horns? Of course when we got them on her feet, Anna didn’t want to walk at all at first, so we spent a several minutes encouraging her to walk. It wasn’t long before she was off toddling around the store getting into trouble though.

Anna hasn’t spent much time in her shoes yet, but she does seem happier to be barefoot so far. I can completely relate, plus I think it is better for her to be barefoot as much as possible while her feet (and her balance) are developing, so she will only have to wear shoes when she is going to be walking around outside the house. If she keeps them on her feet anyway. It took her about two seconds to figure out how to undo the velcro closure, but at least she didn’t pull them off her feet… I am sure that is coming though.

Aside from walking, she is also picking up a few other skills lately. Sean got her one of those buckets with the differently shaped holes for various blocks months ago, and she is just now starting to put the blocks through the holes. She still doesn’t know how to match up the shapes, but if you turn it to the right side for her she can get the blocks in the bucket with minimal assistance. Anna is also starting to understand simple commands, even though she doesn’t always choose to follow them. It seems she might be starting to try out some words too, but I wouldn’t say she is talking. She might be close though!

Anna often says “ah-buh,” “mama” and “dada” as well as a few other sounds that we can’t quite line up with what they might mean. “ah-buh” is often said repeatedly when she is playing with her books, but she will sometimes say it other times as well so we aren’t sure there is any meaning there. There are times when she elongates that sound so that we wonder if she is trying to moo like in her favorite book “Say Moo.” The closest we have gotten to a moment where we thought she might really be saying a word was a couple days ago, while FaceTiming with her Nana. She looked right at the screen and slowly and deliberately (in a way we haven’t heard before) said “Nah Nah,” which is also a sound we haven’t heard her make before. Of course she never repeated it, so who knows.