Wearing a hat and mittens she got for Christmas from her Great Aunt Donna.


Anna is officially talking now. Up until recently she has said plenty of things that we think are words, just her own version of them. However, now she has started saying “shoes” and we know it really means shoes when she says it because she will be playing with shoes, or putting shoes on, or you can say “what is this?” while pointing to a shoe. You can also ask her to get her shoes and she will bring some shoes to you, wether or not they are hers. Anna’s little voice is so cute, and it comes out more like “shooshs” than “shoes.” Her voice is also different when she says “shoes” compared to her usual constant babble. Anna “talks” all day long in a loud voice that leads to us often having to tell her to be quiet when we are out in public, but when she says “shoes” her voice is soft and sometimes is kind of hard to hear. I still don’t know if we should call this her first word though, since she has been saying “Hey” or “Hi” for a while now… we could just never be certain she knew what it meant.

There isn’t much else new on the Anna front, aside from a couple more teeth coming in. That, and she is getting bigger every day. Since we haven’t been to the doctor in a while, I don’t have a current weight on her; I wonder how hard it would be to get her to stand on the bathroom scale long enough to get a reading. At her last weigh-in she was 22.something pounds, but that was a little over a month ago now. Lately I have noticed things fitting a bit differently, and just yesterday I noted her head is now level with the top of the kitchen table when she could walk beneath it without so much as ducking her head not that long ago.

Now on to the sewing update.

I am still trying to decide if I want to split the sewing stuff into a separate blog. I think will try it and see how it goes, but that means having to choose a domain name. The current forerunner is either bedtimequilter.com or hoopsandthimbles.com… I think. I haven’t found any names yet that really click.

My weekend of sewing went about like predicted. I ended up staying up way late Friday night trying to finish my Under the Veranda tote bag, and still didn’t finish it. I made good progress on it, but had to go to bed when Sean started fussing at me. Something about it being 3am? At that point I had the bag exterior and the lining with pockets completed, so all I had left to do was the actual assembly of the bag, and the straps still needed to be made.

Saturday morning I was able to get the bag sans straps done before the 10:00am meeting. So, I packed my strap-less bag with my things for the meeting and headed out feeling somewhat inadequate about not having my bonus project completed on time. I need not have worried though. As it turned out, only one person had actually completed their bag and the next closest had only pieced the exterior. I didn’t feel so bad after hearing everyone else echoing the same reasons as I had for not having a completed bag to show. Most of them had been sick and/or burnt out from all the Christmas sewing, just like me.

The bag came out surprisingly well though, despite its current incomplete state. When I was quilting it I thought I had chosen a design that was too dense, and spent the whole time wishing I had gone a different route. Now that it is completed though, I think it actually looks pretty good. I am also happy with the colors I chose for it, and Sean remarked that it looked as good as any professionally made bag. I didn’t point out the definitely less-than-professional things I can so plainly see when I look at it!

It is very roomy, and will be great for hauling toys on the days Anna goes to stay with her Nana or for hauling stuff to sewing classes. Pictures will be posted once I actually finish the straps!

The next block for the Under the Veranda will feature appliqué, and the bonus project for the month is a set of placemats. I didn’t purchase any fabric for the placemats while I was at Wish; I just wasn’t feeling much like spending the time or money to pick out fabric for them. I had already spent enough time picking out threads for my appliqué and helping others do the same that I was just ready to go have lunch and a nap!

Isn’t it handy that I have an appliqué class this weekend? While it is tempting to start on my blocks now and just blanket stitch everything down with raw edges like the teacher had in her examples, I think I will wait and see what I learn in the appliqué class first.

I didn’t have time to work on the Project Quilting wall hanging at all. That has me kind of bummed, I hate missing deadlines. Saturday night I was so exhausted I went to bed early, and was too busy Sunday morning to work on it. So the deadline came and went without my doing more than cutting the fabric for it. I may still make it though. The quilting of it will be good practice for me, and I could use some things to hang on the walls of my sewing room.