December 2013

This is the stocking I made for Anna, although when she is older I will probably make her a new one to her liking. I also want to make stockings for Sean and myself at some point… hopefully by next Christmas I will have made a tree skirt and stockings for the whole family.

The stocking consists of three layers: the exterior, interior lining, and flannel in between those layers for padding. The tan pieces are appliquéd on, as well as the holly leaves and berries. The raw edges of the appliqué were then covered with a thick satin stitch.

Flannel was used instead of batting or fleece so that it wouldn’t be as bulky. I happened to have a piece of flannel left over from making a changing mat that was the perfect size for this project, and it doesn’t matter what the flannel looked like since you can’t see it. If anyone ever takes this thing apart they will find blue flannel with polka dots!

If you look closely in the detail photo below you can see the quilting stitch is done with red thread. It is pretty hard to see since the thread color is so close to the fabric color, but all the other thread colors I had on hand would have stood out too much for my tastes. I am really not sure what other color I would have gone with, I think I like the subtle red quilting though.