Crayon Roll

This was a freebie “in the hoop” (ITH) project I found at I had been toying with the idea of buying an ITH crayon roll, so when I spotted this for free I was pretty happy. And now that I have made one, the next will take no time at all. So if anyone wants a crayon roll let me know and I can whip one up for you! The material costs are pretty inexpensive, too.

The first one I stitched up was a Christmas present for my 4-year-old cousin to go along with a Frozen coloring book. I wish I could have found some Frozen fabric for it, but everything had such big spaced out prints that it would not have turned out well. Instead I spotted some crayon-drawing-esque fabric and decided to go with that. I probably could have gotten away with two (cheap) fat quarters, but since I typically expect disaster, I got a half yard of each in case I messed it up. Which means I can make another identical to this… maybe two or three more even. Anna is a bit young for this just yet, but one day I will make one for her as well. Maybe she will even help me choose the fabric!