Settling in…

We are enjoying our new house! Everything went well with the move, and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all the help we received from our friends and family. Thanks to everyone’s help, the move went smoothly and everything made it to the new house safely.

There are still plenty of boxes sitting around, but we are working our way through it as fast as we can. We won’t have cable or internets for a couple weeks, so that will help us stay focused I guess. The first goal is the kitchen… I can’t wait until everything is in it’s place and we are able to start cooking again. I am getting so tired of eating out! I think we are down to just a couple more tubs for the kitchen though, so things are moving along nicely.

As we are settling in, we are finding lots of little things we need or want to improve. We have already been to Lowes about a dozen times since Friday, and somehow I think this is just the beginning. Our list of small improvements include adding a shelf in the laundry room; a caddy for the cabinet door under the kitchen sink; new shower heads; an under the sink trash can; a towel hook in the bathroom; locks for the gates; and tonight we will go back to Lowes for some garage shelves.

The best new addition is our grill! Sean picked one up today, I haven’t seen it yet. From what he has told me about it though, it is very nice. It is also very heavy… but luckily Wendell has volunteered to help us drag it out of Sean’s car tonight. Now I am excited to get home and see what he picked out; we have been looking forward to a new grill for a long time.

Next up on our list is furniture for the living room.   Last night we went by La-Z-Boy and picked out some furniture and colors we liked, and tomorrow their designer is supposed to come out and bring the swatches so we an see what the colors will look like in our house. She will also be able to give us some suggestions on arrangement, accessories, and paint colors. I am looking forward to getting a designer’s input on that… we have been struggling with the color for the fireplace accent wall, and it will be good to see if she has any furniture arrangement ideas we haven’t thought of.

Well, that is about all that is going on… just a lot of unpacking between trips to Lowes. I am looking forward to going home tonight; I just love being at our house, even if the only form of entertainment at the moment is unpacking boxes. This organizing, arranging, planning, and minor handy-work has been pretty fun!