Sad Now

I was working on quilting my latest quilt when my embroidery machine seemingly died! Something must have happened when I re-inserted the hoop after repositioning the fabric. It started telling me to put in the correct hoop size, which I had. I tried re-inserting a few times to no avail, so I turned it off and back on. When you turn the machine on with the embroidery unit attached it calibrates the arm, first instructing you to clear the area around the unit (so it doesn’t hit anything) and remove the hoop. Then the arm/carriage moves up and down the unit. However before it completes the calibration cycle it makes an awful noise as though it is jamming or something, then gives that same pop up message telling me to remove the hoop and stuff to calibrate the arm. Damn it! I don’t think I have even had the machine two weeks. Anger! Sadness! Frustration! But mostly I just want to finish my quilt.

So, tomorrow I get to take it to the shop and hope it is something they can fix quickly/easily and that it isn’t something I did that means it isn’t covered under warranty. I didn’t force or abuse it though, so it shouldn’t be my fault unless this thing is a hell of a lot more fragile than I think.

Quilting in Progress
Quilting in Progress



This is a photo of my quilting just before the machine died. The straight line is just a marking for alignment and will be removed after it is finished.





In other news… tomorrow is the day mom moves up to Raleigh. So in the midst of dealing with my embroidery machine issues I will also be helping her out. In the morning I will have to go over and get the keys for her unit, and meet the movers at her apartment since she will still be in Greenville cleaning up the old apartment. We also need to get our old washer and dryer moved to her place, as well as a couch we have in our storage unit for her. Should be a fun day.

And for the Anna update. She is about 13lbs now, and has begun rolling over from her back to tummy. The problem is that she doesn’t know how to get back onto her back. And she doesn’t seem to be aware she is rolling over to her tummy until she ends up there either, which means she suddenly finds herself stuck on her belly and is quite disturbed by it. Now that she has been doing this a week or so she is starting to be a little less upset by being on her tummy, but at first she would wake up screaming after rolling onto her belly. So we had a few rough nights there. Plus a few nights ago she ended up face down in her mattress, and when I went to roll her over it looked like her color was off. Not sure she was really blue, but she definitely wasn’t right. So that was scary.

Last night though she seemed to finally be okay with sleeping on her stomach, as she fell asleep around 10pm and slept straight through until around 7am this morning. That is the longest she has ever slept, and the majority of it was spent not moving… to the point where I woke up several times and had to stare at the monitor screen to make sure she was breathing. They claim that babies start sleeping 10-12 hours a night at some point, waking up during the night only once a week or so… maybe this is the beginnings of that trend!