Rocking Out Once Again

We finally got Rock Band 2! The game we had before was for the xbox, which belonged to our ex-roommate, so we have been deprived ever since we moved in August. Saturday night Sean could no longer wait, so I gave in and let him pick up the game.

We played for a few hours Saturday night and had a lot of fun. The new wireless controllers are pretty nice, although we still need to pick up a second guitar. The new guitar seems to respond a lot better, and they made an attempt to quiet the drums. The drums now have soft rubber tops, which help with the noise a little bit, and the foot pedal now has a shiny metal plate. They also changed the base of the drums a little so that there are a couple extra rubber pads to keep it from sliding on hard floors. We also noticed a few color coded jacks on the back of the drums, which makes me wonder if maybe some add-ons are in the works. Another new feature of the game is an automatic calibration option, which was useful because the timing was way off. The only change I did not like is that the new drumsticks are not glazed, and I don’t like the feel of the bare wood. But no matter, I’ve still got the old drum sticks.

There are tons of great songs for download in the music store, but we stopped ourselves at about 24 or so. I was very excited to see a few Smashing Pumpkins songs that I had always thought would make great Rock Band tracks… it was especially exciting to see Siva available! We still haven’t had time to play many of the tracks, but hopefully that will change soon.

Looks like we will have to have a Rock Band party pretty soon… although with Thanksgiving coming up it may have to wait until December. Plus we are still lacking a second guitar. Although, it looks like the Guitar Hero World Tour guitars work with Rock Band… so that makes it entirely too tempting to use the logic that we should just go ahead and buy that game instead of having an extra guitar sitting around.