Rehearsal Dinner

Well, we just decided to have a rehearsal dinner of sorts. We really wanted to get all of our family together, as well as the people involved in our wedding, in a casual setting before the “big day.” After considering many options we settled on family style at Maggiano’s. Unfortunately they limited us to 23 people and the banquet halls were all booked, but I think it will work out ok. There were a few people that could not make it, and somehow we ended up with exactly 23 people.

I think this might be more fun than the reception actually. If all goes to plan the dinner is going to be in a casual relaxed environment… much better than the next day when we will have to be all dressed up for the pomp and ceremony.

So, it looks like the diet officially dies on May 2. We plan to revive it in June of course. But between Maggiano’s for dinner and Brasa for lunch and a month in Japan there is no way we are going to stick to our diet!