Registry Woes

I don’t think I posted about this yet…

Saturday night we went to Babies R Us to register. To start, this means a 25 minute or so drive across town to the Triangle Town Center area. It had already been a long day, but we knew we had to get it done so we went out there.

When we arrived, the two employees manning the registry desk were busy with other people. Not a big deal, they were doing their jobs, just a minor annoyance. Eventually a third person showed up and had us sit down, tossing a pad of registration forms on the desk for us to fill out while we waited for someone to be free. The guy that finally sat down with us seemed friendly and helpful enough, going through the little registry guidebook/checklist a little too thoroughly… as in, he flipped through every single page and gave us an overview of each.

Once we finally got away from the instruction session we started scanning our stuff. We were not impressed with their selection or layout at all. The old store format was much better, but I guess it made financial sense for them to combine Toys R Us and Babies R Us… although I think it has definitely hurt the shopping experience.

After over two hours, I was thoroughly exhausted. Sean said I looked too tired and had to go home, so we went to the desk to turn in our scanner… only to find no one there. Sean told me to sit while he went off to scan a couple more nearby items, and to look for an employee. Eventually one showed up and we flagged her down.

This employee seemed friendly, but rushed and somewhat distracted. She seemed more interested in chatting than anything else. Despite a few “good nights” and “good lucks” that seemed like an end to the conversation, she would then start talking to us again as we walked away. So it took even longer to get away from the store.

The next night we logged in to check our registry, as we had a few things we wanted to remove. At first I couldn’t log in with the email and password I had written down in the store, so I had to search for the registry. This is when I discovered they had spelled my maiden name and email address incorrectly. So, once I had the “correct” email address I was able to log in… only to find the registry was completely empty. WTF, Babies R Us?? Walking around their store was a miserable experience by the end, and we wasted at least three hours between driving and scanning stuff. I was hoping it was just a delay in uploading, but here it is Wednesday and it still isn’t there.

I was so frustrated with the whole thing, I told Sean we were going to Buy Buy Baby. So, Tuesday night we trekked over to Morrisville. Luckily I had a nap this time, but that also meant we got there pretty late and only had about an hour to blitz through the store before they closed. Still, the whole process went much more smoothly and we got a lot covered before we ran out of time. We still need to go back and scan some more stuff though.

But… the woes do not end there.

Late Tuesday night I went to the Buy Buy Baby site to see if the registry was there, only to find the site was down for an upgrade. Their site sorely needed an update, so I forgave them and decided to check in the morning. This morning the registry was there… although figuring out how to manage it was a pain. It is not intuitive at all. You give an email and set up a password in the store… but this is not giving you access to it. You have to set up a site account, find the registry section under “My Account” and use the password you created in the store to “import” the registry… but there are no instructions for this at all, you just have to figure it out.

So, I logged in and happily edited our registry list. There were a few things I wanted to remove or change quantities on. I did find some other user experience issues with their site, and a couple bugs, but it is miles better than it was. Since it was their first day with the new site I decided to cut them some slack, hoping they will be fixing them soon.

Is that finally the end of the trouble you ask? Nope. I just now logged in again to check it out, since I was creating that baby shower page… only to find a bug with their site is preventing the list from loading. You just see a message that says “No value found for key : ” where the registry list should be. Hopefully they are aware of the issue and will have it fixed soon. They have already fixed some of the stuff I spotted this morning. So far I think their QA department is pretty crappy though.

This means, as it stands now, we have two failed registries. Frustration!! At least the one I set up for Target seems to be issue-free so far. That one was super easy… I just set it up on their website using a filter to see only in-store items. And theoretically I will be able to use their app on my phone to scan in more stuff if I spot things next time we are in a Target.

Sighs. Hopefully tomorrow the Buy Buy Baby registry will be fixed…

Update: yay they fixed it!!