Reading up on themes

Sorry that no progress has been made on the site for a couple days. I picked up a book on WordPress themes Friday night and have been reading it a bit today. I haven’t had time to make it very far in the book yet, but I have learned enough to start forming some plans for customizing this template. I might end up needing to also get books on PHP, HTML, and/or CSS. But for now I will see how far this book and Google can get me.

So far I am pleased with WordPress and HostGator. HostGator has a good control panel and has been easy to work with. I am also pleased with the flexibility WordPress offers. Kind of wish I had switched to this platform years ago, but iWeb was just so damned easy. And so damned limiting, but the easy part helped me overlook that fact.

I did however get a few of the links working up top, so I did make a little progress! The archive plug in I used is not playing very nicely with the stylesheet though, so I am playing around with ideas about that. Just need to learn a bit more before I can implement any of those ideas though.

There isn’t much else to report around here. The most “exciting” part of our day was waking up to an ant invasion. That is always fun. So we spent a while fighting them off, and seem to have mostly won the war. Ants don’t fair so well against a combination of Terro and a Dyson. We still keep finding stray ants though, so we cannot declare victory just yet.