Summer Love*

Date Started: July 2014
Date Completed August 2014
Pattern Title: Summer Love
Technique: Pieced blocks with hand appliquéd wool
Block Size: 2.25″ (each made of nine 3/4″ squares)
Number of Blocks:  24

I picked a kit up for this mini quilt at the Sewing Expo in Raleigh at the end of June. This is a pattern+kit by Primitive Gatherings, who I really like. Well, I like their products at least; ordering things from them is a pain in the buttocks. They specialize in reproduction fabric (prints similar to what you would have seen in the 1800’s) quilts and wool appliqué. Everything they do has a wonderful aged feel to it that I love. When I went in their booth at the Expo, it was so hard to limit myself to only a few items!

The kit included the pattern, fabric, and wool. No thread, batting or backing fabric was included. Wool appliqué looks best when you use hand dyed embroidery threads instead of the machine dyed stuff you find at all the big box craft stores. The trouble with this is that they are proving to be impossible to find locally, not to mention they are rather pricey. I even drove all the way to Fuquay to the one shop that sells wool stuff (as far as I know) and they didn’t have what I needed, but luckily my sweet husband ordered the threads I needed for my birthday.

This was my first taste of wool appliqué, as well as the first time I worked with such small blocks. It came out okay. Or, at least it did until I finished it. I guess I wasn’t paying attention when I trimmed it up and the borders are all wonky on top and bottom. I suppose I could fix it if I very carefully (I don’t have replacement fabric) removed the binding, trimmed again, and then replaced the binding. But that seems like a pain. Maybe if I am feeling super motivated one day I will do that.

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