When I first signed up for this quilt, I honestly didn’t really know what it looked like. They had three sample blocks up on the wall, and it looked interesting so I signed up since it was only $4 a month and included the fabric and piecing papers. There were two different color options: a bright/bold color scheme, and a more sedate scheme that used the same muted colors for each block. The bright colors were out of my comfort zone, so I decided to choose that option.

This whole quilt will be done using a combination of 2.5″ squares and half square triangles; half square meaning the square is cut on the diagonal to create a triangle. Then those squares and triangles are arranged like a puzzle to form various shapes.

This quilt was supposed to be like any other BoM, where each month I would receive a pack of Thangle papers and some strips of cloth, along with a card that showed how to arrange the squares to make that month’s quilt block. However, by May the sewing shop offered the option to buy the whole year’s kits all at once since people were getting bored with doing one block a month.

I opted to buy the whole year’s blocks at once, but then kind of wished I hadn’t. When I was getting them doled out one month at a time, all the color choices were pretty much made for me… I just had to decide how to arrange the three colors (plus white) that were given for that month. But when I got the year’s worth it was all piled together. Which means now I have actually had to put some thought into planning it out, which kind of takes some of the fun out of it. It is the same concept as “food is better when someone else makes it for you.” This quilt is probably something I wouldn’t have typically chosen to make, so not having to put much thought into it added to the fun factor of it.

Anyhow, I am posting photos of the blocks below as I make them. There are 12 blocks in all. I also purchased the “finishing kit” that includes the fabric to complete the quilt top. Again, they are fabrics that I would have NEVER chosen to work with on my own. Looking at a couple of them makes me think “why the heck am I even making this?” but a part of me also thinks that, if I like the final result, it will open my mind to using fabrics I wouldn’t typically even consider in future projects.

(you may notice the new blocks aren’t exactly being added in order… I am just making them at random when I don’t have anything more appealing to work on… not really loving this quilt)

Below is a photo of the quilt top example hanging in My Sewing Shoppe. The colors in my blocks will be a little different, but this will give you an idea of the finished quilt. I am not so sure about the outer border, so I might choose to do something different there as well.

Thangles 2014
Example Quilt Top

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