I signed up for this Block of the Month (BoM) through My Sewing Shoppe. It is a design by Whirligig Designs called Elegance, and was available in two different color stories: a light and a dark. However, no one was interested in the light color version so the Shoppe only offered the dark version in the end. I can’t say I really love this quilt, but the different techniques involved intrigued me and it looked like a good opportunity to pick up some new skills.

This 12-month program includes a class each month, fabric, and even some time on the long arm machine to quilt it if I get it done on time. This quilt has been a good learning experience, and I have really enjoyed having the class once a month. Thanks to this quilt (or rather the associated class) my piecing skills have improved. Sometime later this year I will have to take a class to learn to use the long arm machine as well, which will also be a good skill if I want to rent the long arm in the future.

Current Status: 

Dec 13  All blocks for this quilt are complete! The next step is to put all the blocks together, which I started on today in the last scheduled Elegance class. Today’s class wasn’t really a class though, it was just time to sew. As it turns out I was the only one that stayed the whole time, and only one of two that actually showed up. It earned me new binding material though! Instead of yellow binding it will now be purple, which I like much better. I didn’t make it far in joining blocks though, and I wasn’t really enjoying piecing it together. Maybe it is just because I have been pretty busy sewing lately, and kind of need a break. Or maybe it was because I was alone for most of the time.

No time for a break though! I have to finish Christmas presents, and I want to finish the quilt top I am making for my mother (that I still need to add a page for), and I need to finish my Veranda tote bag before the next class. I kind of want to get that quilt top done by then as well, so I have something recent for Show & Tell. So, Elegance just kind of feels like a chore right now because it is one more thing I need to get done on a deadline. The deadline isn’t really firm, but it needs to be soon so that my chance to use the long arm doesn’t expire. Oh, and that is one more thing I need to do.. take the long arm class!


Finished Blocks:

A photo of the finished quilt, that I stole from Whirligig Design’s website:


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