Little Man

Date: December 2013
Pattern Name: Little Man
Pattern Source: Simplify With Camille Roskelley: Quilts for the Modern Home

Anna can roll from back to tummy, but has trouble rolling back over. We think part of the trouble is that when we are doing tummy time her little feet slip on the store bought mats. So, what an excellent excuse to make a quilt!

I picked up the fabric 12/28/13 and started cutting it the next night, and piecing it the day after that. The piecing went quickly, but the quilting hit a bit of a delay when my embroidery unit died on me. Finally finished this Jan 12! I literally finished the binding a about 30 minutes before posting this, so it hasn’t been washed yet in these photos. Hopefully it will hold up through the many washings it is destined for!